Valentine’s Day Gift Guide: For Her


ATTN Guys & Gals, Valentine’s Day is quickly approaching! Don’t know how to show the special girl in your life that you appreciate her? Fear not, I am here to compile a list of items she might enjoy on Feb. 14, 2018.

You may have heard that it doesn’t take a whole lot to make us gals happy (and you may be saying to yourself right now, “that’s crap”, but I promise, it doesn’t!

Let’s start slow and move our way up to the big leagues, shall we?


For the girl who is ACTUALLY easily pleased: FLOWERS!

Nothing says, “I love you” or “I appreciate you” like a nice flower arrangement. Trust me, it means a lot to us that you would go out, spot an arrangement you think we’d like and snag it.

Places to get a flower arrangement: You don’t have to go all fancy on us! Your nearest Stop & Shop, Big Y or a local flower shop will do the trick!



For the girl who appreciates a good meal: Wine, dinner & dessert

Coming from a girl who appreciates a good meal (myself), WE LOVE FOOD! No one said you have to be a good cook either (if you are, awesome) but if not, we like Pizza and we really like wine.

If you want to impress your girl, get her favorite wine and top the meal off with chocolates. Remember chocolate comes in many forms: boxed, bagged, cakes, cupcakes, martini’s, etc.



For the funny girl:

If she’s got a sense of humor, she’ll love these socks. Gift these to her, let her put her feet up (so you can read them), and bring her a glass of wine!

Play a movie, pop some popcorn and hang in for the night!

I found these socks on Amazon for $15 and they’re Prime!



For the Trendsetter:

This bracelet combo is on Etsy for  $24.00+ depending on what material your girl likes! Hint: does she wear a lot of gold pieces, silver, or rose gold? THAT will tell you which material to get.

This is not only a trendy gift, but it is dainty, simple and doesn’t break the bank!

Plus, it’s a piece she can wear daily, since it doesn’t scream too much effort.



For the Long Distance girl:

If you and your girlfriend have a long distance relationship, this gift will definitely tug at the heartstrings!

She will LOVE a personalized gift and you can get this for $24.00+ on!

The colors are V-Day appropriate, too!



For BAE: Dropping Feb. 1 (

If your girl loves KKW, GET THIS FOR HER! The 30ml will be $30 which is not such a bad price!

Though you cannot smell it before you buy it, neither can you girlfriend (and she’s probably okay with it) because seriously, who doesn’t trust Kim K when it comes to scents?!

You may hate her, but your girlfriend might love her. Surprise her with something she would never think you’d order.


For the beauty:

If she loves beauty products, this is a fantastic gift! The best part? You can decide how much you want to spend when you go to check out. If you want to get this subscription box for her indefinitely, you pay $10 a month. If you think 3 months is sufficient, it’s $25, 6 months is $51 and 12 months is $93 (use the code LOVE15 at checkout to get the discount!!


For the Self Care Girl: A gift card to a local spa, her favorite salon or nail salon

If you know your girl just needs a break, give the gift of relaxation!

The best part about this kind of gift is that there are price options. Manicures go as low as $15, haircuts are around $45 and spa treatments can get a little steep—you’re looking around $150 or more. However, if you’re concerned about price, call the place and just ask!



For the girly girl:

These red hots are on sale RIGHT NOW on, just follow the link!

For $25, you could make your girly girl, well the happiest gal in the world! Now don’t stop at giving the heels, make sure you take her somewhere that she can show em off! Take a walk downtown, grab a coffee or a light meal (apps & wine!)


For the mush:

This gift is really unique, special and whoever gets it would be really appreciative.

If you follow the link, you are able to put in the location of where you live, the date you wish to remember and a message. From there, the creator will make the constellations in the sky exactly the way they looked at that date and time and location.

This is really special if you have an occasion you wish to remember, or an anniversary you share with your significant other! It runs for about $30.



For someone really really special:

These beauties run for $100.00 on The neat thing about these roses is: they last anywhere from 1 to 3 years! Think about it, if you’re thinking of getting your significant other a dozen roses on V Day, you’re looking at about $60-80. For $100, you can get her roses that actually LAST! Not to mention, the packaging is super chic. If she’s into decor, she might just faint.

Still confused or not sure about what to get her? Here’s a safe bet: get her a nice card and write down reasons why you appreciate her. Like I said, Valentine’s Day is a nice day to show affection through gifts, but it’s not always necessary! Gifts are a nice idea, but 9/10, your girlfriend or wife just wants to spend time with you. 

Good luck! Let me know how it worked out for you.


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