CHERI: Feminine Leather Fringe

Photo by Hailey Wilson Hiked Productions LLC

Happy Friday, loves! 

Today I am bringing you a look featuring a very special jacket, CHERI by Dawn Levy New York! 

This jacket is super classic, but has a very feminine and trendy twist—it’s collarless and has amazing fringe detail going throughout the entire coat. I recently partnered with The Levy Group to bring you photos featuring some of their most fab jackets.

You can find this jacket by clicking the link: HERE

Shall we get to the breakdown of how I styled this modern jacket?

As I have written on here before, if I do a statement piece, I usually like to stay neutral on the rest of my pieces in the outfit. So, since this jacket is quite the statement, I paired it with a simple white turtleneck, black jeggings and my go-to chunky black booties…that’s all. Putting together a look can be a little frightening when you first think about it, but once you realize that a good outfit only consists of 3-5 pieces, it seems a lot less scary.


Since this is a look I based around Valentine’s Day, I pulled my hair back, added some chunky black earrings that I am (obsessed) with and did pink tones on my lips, cheeks and eyes. Who said you have to wear red or pink on V-Day anyways? This jacket is super flirty and feminine, and it pairs nicely with many pieces. I even toyed with pairing the coat with a black turtleneck and blue denim jeans, which would have worked beautifully as well.

Interested in this jacket? Find it by clicking the link: HERE 

Photo by Hailey Wilson Hiked Productions LLC

I am so excited to be partnering with The Levy Group to bring you these amazing shots and fabulous clothing recommendations! Keep following for more.

What are you planning to wear for Valentine’s Day?








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