Valentine’s Day Gift Guide: For Him



It’s that time of year, you either love it or you hate it, you participate in it or you don’t. It’s Valentine’s Day. Lucky for you, I am compiling a list of gifts—and they range in price & amount of commitment!

Whether you’ve had a special someone for a week, a month, a year or 10 years, everyone likes to feel appreciated, and Valentine’s Day is the perfect occasion to do so!

You may be wondering, what does this girl know about Valentine’s Day or gift giving? Well, though I am not a relationship guru, I have been committed to the same person for about 8 years…and I’m only 22 so you do the math! Needless to say, I’ve had my fair share of Valentine’s Days AND gift giving occasions, so I know a thing or two about what men like…and don’t like. 

Shall we get started ladies & gents?


For the guy that’s cool with anything: Chocolates & Champagne

Maybe you just started hanging out, or maybe you’re on a budget this year. Either way, you cannot go wrong with chocolates and champagne to tell your special someone how much you appreciate having them around.

Hey if you’re feeling extra mush, throw in a card! This gift could run anywhere from $10-$25 depending on your taste in champagne or chocolate.
FLASKFor the guys who like to have a good time:

This Flask is from and it is only $19.95! It has potential to be personalized with your guys’ initials, but if you aren’t on that level yet, don’t sweat it, leave it blank!

This gift says, I know what you like, but I am also not being too mushy. It is a fun gift, but the personalization ads that romantic touch.

The leather wrap gives it a modern and warm feel. (ps. order in advance, because Etsy takes a little!)



For the guy you feel comfortable enough with that you know what scent he would like:

I picked Polo Black Cologne, because I know it is a personal favorite of my boyfriend—and it might be for yours too! It has a milder smell and isn’t too potent, I think it is just enough.

This cologne runs for about $55 at Macy’s—so it is a little bit more of an investment. Enjoy!



For the organizer:

First off, if your man is organized enough to appreciate a gift like this, from all girls and guys everywhere, you’re SO lucky!

I found this cool item on Etsy for $20! Order ahead of time!



For the Fashionisto:

This MVMT Watch runs for about $135, but man is it nice! This watch is super sleek, and for some reasons, watches are always popular for men around Valentine’s Day.

Besides this one, the website has a ton of other styles, in case this doesn’t speak to you.

$135 is quite an investment, at least it would be for me, so make sure you two will be stuck like glue, even beyond the holiday.



For the Self Care guys:

I got this for my boyfriend for Christmas and he loves it! It is a little present that comes in the mail once a month, so you know they’re thinking of you when it arrives.

It’s also cool because Birchbox allows you to pay $10 month if you want to gift it indefinitely, or get a 3 month subscription for $25, 6 months for $51 or $93 for a year!

Plus, if you order ahead (like now), you can get the box in time for V Day!



For the Outdoorsy or Handyman guy:

Again, if your guy is handy enough to appreciate this wallet tool, you are lucky!

This cool tool is on Etsy for $28+ based on what you would like to engrave in it. It is credit card sized, and fits right into a man’s wallet!

The personalization screams “I care about you” and the actual gift says thank you for taking care of me.


For the Cook:

Copper pans are all the buzz it seems like! This one is at Kohls online for only $20 and it is the “As Seen on TV” one.

Any cook will appreciate this non stick, easy clean pan. (Hey, maybe you could convince him to make you something in it after you gift it to him?!)



STARMAP For the mush:

This gift is really unique, special and whoever gets it would be really appreciative.

If you follow the link, you are able to put in the location of where you live, the date you wish to remember and a message. From there, the creator will make the constellations in the sky exactly the way they looked at that date and time and location.

This is really special if you have an occasion you wish to remember, or an anniversary you share with your significant other! It runs for about $30.

That should get you just about started as far as gift giving goes! If you’re not particularly interested in these ideas here, maybe one of these items sparked another idea! No matter what, when it comes down to it, Valentine’s Day is all about spending time together. Grab some dinner, make some dinner and enjoy your time together! Gift giving is a preference, and it doesn’t have to be done. However, if you want to give a gift, I hope these examples helped you along.

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone! Not giving a gift to a guy? Check out my Valentine’s Day Gift Guide: For Her edition here:




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