Taking an outfit from day to night


Hi people! How is everyone’s week going?!

Today I am on my blog sharing how I can take one outfit from day to night with just a couple little outfit switch-outs. 

Sometimes us gals on the go need some tips in order to 1. keep our sanity 2. save on time and 3. stay looking fab. Ever been out all. day. long and think, “well, I have something to do tonight, how the heck am I supposed to change from this to something completely different without going home in between? I don’t have time to stop home!”

You don’t have to!

Take the outfit in the photo above for example. I wore this to New York City last week, and it is quite the daytime look. I had an event in the city for later that night, so I thought, how can I turn this ultra daytime look into something appropriate for the evening?

Well, not pictured is the white blazer that I carried all day, knowing I would want to wear it at night time so that’s one thing.

  1. Add a jacket: sometimes all a look needs is a jacket or blazer to dress it up and you’re good to go.

Also not pictured is the black crop tube top I had thrown in my bad for the day because its easy and small to carry, and black is never wrong for the evening

2. Throw a shirt in your bag for night time: make sure it won’t matter if it gets wrinkled OR that it’s not too big to fit in your bag (you don’t want to be struggling if it’s something you have to carry all day long)

The last thing that is not pictured that allowed me to turn this look from day to night was the pair of shoes I brought along! Remember how I said to make sure the shirt wasn’t too big or heavy to carry around? Yeah, that’s because you have to make room for the shoes (:

3. Bring a pair of heels or night time shoes: Shoes are one of the most important parts to turning a look from day to night. These sneakers, wouldn’t cut it for a night time event, and adding a pair of heels could be the easiest and quickest fix (but also the heaviest).

The last thing I did was I gathered my hair and put it in a chic low bun! Not only did it keep me cool after a long day of walking around, but it also took these daytime waves and made them a little more polished.

So basically, I kept on my skirt.


Let’s recap, shall we?! 1. Have a jacket or blazer on hand. 2. Swap the shirt rather than the pants! 3. Bring a pair of heels—it will make all the difference. 4. Gather your hair and put it in a polished low bun or pony.

If you like this type of post, let me know and I can give you tips for how to take ANY daytime look and turn it into night! Usually I follow these three / four steps, but sometimes it can be a little more in depth.

‘Till next time!



5 thoughts on “Taking an outfit from day to night

    1. Thank you!!!


  1. Love it! Always looking for new options. Now, if I could just wear heels 😬


    1. Thank you!!! I do a chunky heel so it’s not so hard to walk (: I cant really do anything else!!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Oh yes, I’ll be looking for those! Thanks 😘


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