Chatting about my FAVE Influencers!

Hi everyone! I thought I’d come on here today to chat about my favorite influencers. As someone who is in the blogging sphere, I sure love to dive into the articles and videos of others. Not only do these beauties inspire me each and every day to keep at it with my blog, but the content they come up with is just awesome! I LOVE seeing other people’s adventures, the products they use and how they style their outfits.

Let’s get into it, shall we?!

  1. Alexandrea Garza: Though these aren’t in any particular order, this amazing mama is first on my list anyways! I started watching her Youtube videos back in the Spring (and I don’t even know how or where I found her) but I was hooked! She has an amazing personality, great style and a lovely channel. She and her husband, Michael, also have a vlog channel where they share their travels, different family-stuff and such cute videos of their new baby, Julian! I think what I love about her videos is that she is just so genuine and really will express every detail of what she is discussing. I love following her on Instagram, too!
  2. Amanda Bella: Amanda is such an awesome CT gal like myself! She has a website, Instagram and Youtube channel, and seriously pumps out some of the best content I’ve ever seen. She’s another gal that is so genuine and really will tell her viewers if she liked or didn’t like a product. She has these awesome short videos on her Instagram page that you HAVE to check out—they are shortened videos of what she puts on Youtube and she adds music in the background—ugh just so good!
  3. Marianna Hewitt: Marianna is a macro-influencer—she has over 800k followers on Instagram and her following is just growing and growing! She just came out with a mask that I am dying to dry called the Jet Leg Mask by Summer Friday’s and it is supposed to be a miracle mask for your skin! Marianna has such good style, and I really learned how to edit my photos and do flatlays based on one of her videos.
  4. Jen Atkin: JEN! Her stuff is just fab. She has these interactive Instagram stories that keep you clicking to see what she posts next, and I love following along on her adventures. She was the Kardashian’s hairstylist for the longest time (and sometimes still is) but also one of their really good friends. That’s how I came to notice her, but after seeing the stuff she posts, I truly just love everything about her. She has a haircare line called OUAI and I am obsessed. Try any of their products and you will be absolutely hooked. I have pin straight hair, and the OUAI Wave Spray is the only thing that will give me beach waves.
  5. Kathleen Lights: This girl can DO makeup! Let me tell you. Her videos are soooo fun—sometimes she’ll just go on and chat while she gets ready but she makes it so interesting. I love the video where she shows her viewers her makeup collection, because it’s just goals. This gal does the funnest voices and I could watch her do makeup forever.
  6. Stephanie Ledda: I have only watched a few things from Stephanie, but I started following her on Instagram and love her style! She is another one that’s awesome at makeup, and her outfits give me a lot of inspiration.

This was a fun post to show some love to my fave influencers and to let them know how awesome and inspirational they are! Below I will link either their Instagram to Youtube Channel so you all can check them out.

Alex: Instagram | Youtube

Amanda: Instagram | Youtube

Marianna: Instagram | Youtube

Jen: Instagram

Kathleen: Instagram | Youtube

Stephanie: Instagram | Youtube



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