Jumping the Gun on Spring

IMG_6374.JPGLong time, no blog! Or so it seems…

Okay I am officially O V E R this weather, anyone else? It is still FREEZING here in Connecticut and I have had enough. That’s why on my spring break this past week, I did a lot of spring shopping. Shopping for spring when it’s cold doesn’t help with the fact that I am over this weather, but it is still here.

Today, I wanted to feature a look that may jump the gun on spring, but it’s still appropriate! This top I got at HM has total spring vibes, but still has the winter colors. I can just picture myself wearing it to an outdoor event with my white capris and black open toe booties (some day!). It has a cute little bow in the back (not pictured, because I was frozen) and the bow makes a cute little opening as well.

I paired it with my go-to “nice” jeans and my black chunky booties. Though the shirt has spring vibes, it is still quite wintry with the red lip and black boots. However, it made me feel a LITTLE better that I could wear a spring piece when it was 30 degrees, and have it still be passable.


This concept works for a lot of outfits out there! If you have a spring piece you are dying to wear, get creative and try it out! You might be chilly, but if you pair it with winter pieces for the most part, you’ll be okay.

This is one of those weird in-between times of the year that we are not quite sure what to wear. I’ll be over here trying to incorporate my spring pieces into winter looks, so let me know if you have any questions and I’ll do my best!

That’s all I have for now…does anyone else feel my fashion blog also doubles as a CT weather blog? I do sometimes. Oh well, fashion & weather go HAND-IN-HAND…remember that!




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