500 Followers & My First Giveaway


Long time, no talk, everyone! Though we just caught up yesterday, something really cool happened!

I reached 500 followers on Instagram!

You might be saying pish posh, or so what, but for me, this is a big deal! Considering I started my blog four years ago and have been working diligently at it for that long, 500 was a milestone for me.

To get people over to read my posts, I mostly use Instagram! It seems like right now, it’s the most user friendly of the social media, and the one that people are on the most. Because of that, I put most of my effort into that to ensure that people click over to my blog posts and give them a read!


That being said, I am holding my FIRST EVER giveaway as a thank you to my loyal followers. I can confidently say that I have a personal relationship or an e-relationship with over half of my followers, and I take a lot of pride in that. That is also the reason why I know my followers will appreciate the chance to win TWELVE products!

I have been in love with the idea of a giveaway for so long, but I just now feel comfortable doing one. I know that I have great, quality products that people would love and appreciate!

What are these products anyways? (From left to right)

  1. bdellium tools 776 Brush: LINK
  2. Purlisse Green Tea and Ginger Sheet Mask: LINK
  3. Carrot & Rose Hydrating Cream: LINK
  4. Naked Cosmetics Shimmer Eyeshadow in Heavy Metal and Mother Nature: LINK
  5. Smashbox Cosmetics Always on Gel Liner in FishNet: LINK
  6. So Susan Cosmetics Liquid Matte Lip in Raisin Flesh: LINK
  7. Luna Eyeshadow in Juliet: LINK
  8. Pixie by Petra Eyeshadow in Orchid Ornament: LINK
  9. Citrus Pectin Shampoo & Conditioner: LINK
  10. Sol de Jeniero Brazilian Bum Bum Cream: LINK

Value: Over $200

If you’re interested in entering my giveaway, here is how to do so:

Good luck! XOXO, Rae


1 thought on “500 Followers & My First Giveaway

  1. What a great idea! Can’t wait for the next one!!!!!!


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