KISS: Keep it Simple Sista


Welcome back, everyone! Tonight I am sharing a simple, yet chic look, that has become one of my go-to’s this winter. Between the cold and unpredictable weather, I want to keep covered at all TIMES! With that being said, I am obsessed with turtlenecks. They are so comfortable and cute. They are also quite stylish because I don’t think a lot of people wear them or think to wear them!

So far I only have this one white turtleneck in my wardrobe, but I am definitely looking to get a couple more in other neutral colors. I have a black mock neck sweater and a crop turtleneck black shirt, but they aren’t as great as a plain ol full length turtleneck. I got this white one at Forever 21 for just $7 and I am definitely going back to the website to see what else I can find!

Sometimes keeping it simple is the most stylish way to go, and for this outfit, I think that statement holds true. I paired my shirt with some high waisted blue jeans from Charlotte Russe and black thigh highs from there too! That. Is. It. for this look! For jewelry, I have been into minimalistic studs and hoops lately, and I’ve been giving my rings a rest. (For some reason, winter makes my fingers dry out around my rings and gives me a rash!) Besides my little earrings, I did not add any other jewels! My hair is slightly curled and I am wearing Aquarius 2 from Colourpop Cosmetics on my lips!

You can make quite a statement by staying simple and not playing up your looks too much. Want to wear this outfit at night? Throw on a black moto jacket and a red lip and you’re good to go for a night out on the town!




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