My DREAM Night at StyleWeek NE


Hey everyone! So A LOT of exciting things have been going on for me in the fashion department of life and I cannot wait to share my experiences with you. However, I am definitely going to break them up into different blog posts so that they can be concise and focused for you!

Tonight however, we’re talking StyleWeek NE. For those of you who are not familiar with it, StyleWeek is New England’s Premiere Fashion Week (see their website here and Twitter page here!)

StyleWeek was on hiatus last year, but this past week it was back and better than ever at the RI Convention Center — a new venue for this event!

I went to the Friday night show and saw the following designers:

  1. Gypset Girl — Designer: Melissa Hillas
    1. I am STILL gushing over her boho, flirty dresses and skirts — the feathers placed in the model’s hair were the icing on this lovely boho chic cake.
  1. Born Again Vintage — Designer: Brigette Artise
    1. The colors were BRIGHT and the detail was INTENSE! Loved the vibe of this show.


  1. #APDPVD — Designer: Amy Page DeBlasio
    1. You guys…this show amped me up! The music was lively, the models were fierce and the fashion was…amazing. The models came strutting down the runway in camo (I love camo), bold colors, funky textures and the best part? I could actually see myself wearing what was coming down the runway.
  1. Devinto — Designer: Aiste Zitnikaite
    1. This show was very cool to me because I saw a lot of athliesure, which I know is super popular right now. The models were in light weight fabric, the looks were stylish, but I could also see myself going to yoga and then out for lunch on a weekend in some of the styles.
    2. How ADORBS are those foot accessories? I think I need them in my life.

I also got to see a familiar face during the cocktail hour before the show started – Kent Stetson! Head over to this website and his Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to see his amazing clutch bags…they are to die for. I actually got the chance to visit his workshop last year for and interview and let me tell you, he and his team work very hard to make the bags from scratch that you will see on his website. I definitely cannot wait to go back to the shop (the building he is located in has a farmers market every Saturday) so make sure you stop in, say hello and for the love of God, get yourself a bag, you deserve it!!

Needless to say, I am officially HOOKED on fashion shows and I cannot wait to pursue this lifestyle for ever and ever.



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