Getting your last Summer looks in

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Welcome everyone to my new post! Though it’s hard to admit, summer is coming to an end.

However, what does that mean for us? FALL is coming (well, in New England it is!) Besides summer style, fall is one of my faves — there is just so much you can do between the scarves, hats, vests and cute boots…so I cannot wait!

So since we are saying goodbye to summer for now, I thought I’d close with an outfit I absolutely loved this season!Quick description: I paired black jeans that were a STEAL at Macy’s Backdoor (has anyone been there? If not, do yourself a favor and GO!!), with an off the shoulder, stripped shirt and my go-to black peep toe booties from Charlotte Russe. Since the shirt was off the shoulder, I wanted to do my hair back in a low pony to show off the neckline of the shirt and since I went simple with the hair, I added my silver hoops from Forever 21 as my statement piece. Look below for more pics from that day!

This picture was taken in Anaheim Calif. when I was there for a journalism conference a couple of weeks ago: the Excellence in Journalism 2017! When the festivities were over for the day, we headed out on the town for the eve.

If you have any thoughts on the closing of our summer style, comment below! XOXO Rae

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IMG_1246 copy

IMG_1233 copy** I linked items that aren’t the exact ones I am wearing but were similar prices and styles..enjoy!**


2 thoughts on “Getting your last Summer looks in

  1. Ugh can I be as fashionable and cute as you!!!


    1. YES!! XOXO (:


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