How I Pack For a Trip!

Hey everyone! So as I get ready to sail away in a couple of days on a cruise to the Caribbean with my boyfriend (Hi Mike!), I thought it would be a cool idea to show you guys how I pack for a trip.

Packing is one of those things that is so annoying but it has to be done — and it’s better to do it in advance, than wait the night before to do it. So, with that in mind, here is how I prepare for a trip about 2 weeks before I go away.

A little at a time people!

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Step one: Head to your closet and find the pieces you KNOW 100% are going on your trip

Step two: If you’re lucky enough to have a spare room in your house, use that to pack in!! Don’t try and pack in your room and live in your room because that is when the mess starts happening — and no one likes a mess when its time to pack. I use a spare bedroom, grab my mom’s clothes drying rack and I get to work. You’ll see in the photos that I steal that drying rack and use it for the must-haves and the must-hangs. On one side I have my dinner outfits hung and on the other side I have my daytime shirts or dresses hung…eventually they will all go in a suitcase but this is a good way to keep everything out and organized until it is really time to pack it away.

Step three: The. Shoes. I know it’s hard to go slim on the shoes but try people! I am bringing eight pairs on my cruise (which sounds like a lot) but hey, two of them are sandals and they are all lightweight since it is summertime. Line up your shoes somewhere accessible because you are going to need to wear them still until they are packed away for good. DSC_0987

Step four: Bathing suits! That’s a simple one — fold em, crunch em, ball em up, they will look the same either way. For now, I have mine laid out because well they’re just so pretty to look at!


Step five: When it comes to shorts, hats and under garments, I usually just pile them in their respective areas on the bed until its time to pack them. There’s really no reason to go crazy with them because they can be easily folded and added a couple nights before your trip.

It sounds like a lot but when you start two weeks before, it really isn’t so bad! Plus, you’ll feel better when you are on vacation knowing you took the time to organize your outfits ahead of time and I bet you’ll have better outfits than if you just grabbed all your favorite pieces and threw them into a bag the night before.

I hope this shed light on the unknown wonders of packing!! Comment below some ways you organize your clothes before a trip!
XO Rae


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