Fun Office Looks

Even though I work in a corporate environment, I don’t feel the need to wear those classic Calvin Klein-esq work dresses and pantsuits to the office. Hey, I don’t even feel the need to wear work pants and a blouse. I do, however, like to look really put together and stylish for work everyday, while maintaining a level of comfort.

It’s exciting that how we dress in the corporate world is getting a bit more lenient so that we can wear what we want, and express ourselves to some extent.

Given all of that, here are two looks that I would 100% wear to the office, and feel really good in them! Let me know what you think:

Longline blazer with leather leggings

I love this warm toned look of a long line blush blazer/jacket cross over, a white mock neck top and brown leather leggings. Pair it with booties like I did, or a pair of flat loafers and you have a completely acceptable look for the office. You’re able to run to meetings, but also feel really comfortable sitting at your desk all day long in this look.

Winter Maxi Dress with Knee High Boots

This dress is a really good option for the wintertime at the office because it is really flowy, comfortable and has a bit of structure to it in the waist. I have been obsessed with pairing long dresses and high boots together for the winter, so for this look, I added a pair of scrunchy/slouchy tan boots with a 2-3in heel! If your office is often cold like mine, you can throw a teddy coat over the dress and it actually helps to tie in the boot! This look is really fun and different for the office, and sometimes more comfortable than pants! Pro tip: if it’s cold, throw any pair of tights underneath (they don’t even have to match) and no one will see them!

I hope these two looks helped and gave you inspiration for how to dress up your winter office wardrobe, and break down that “corporate dressing” stereotype that barely exists!

Xx Rachel


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