My Favorite 2019 Looks & Top 9

Hi everyone, Happy New Year!

Since I did a sappy / life review yesterday, I thought it would be fun today to write a little more lighthearted.

I am recapping my favorite 2019 looks over the last 365 days, and reflecting on my “Top 9” from Instagram! Let’s get into it!

I feel like my style this year REALLY evolved. Something in my just switched, and I have been getting more and more into a new personal style. I really love playing with neutrals and pieces of clothing that aren’t as girly, while trying to still stick to being myself…if that makes ANY sense. Let’s start from oldest – newest:


Give a girl some leather leggings, and she’s forever changed. Seriously, I wore these last year until they physically ripped. Luckily, I got some new brown ones for Christmas, but definitely need to get another black pair. I paired the leggings with my favorite statement jacket by Dawn Levy, and my trusty sneaks from 2019: Filas.

A favorite going out look that I never actually wore out LOL. That’s the power of Instagram, people. I love love love how this look photographed, but to be honest, I don’t have anywhere to wear this, and even if I did, I would probably be SO uncomfortable wearing it all night.


This look takes the cake as my favorite look/photo from 2019. I know, I know, the leather leggings again. They are just SO versatile and really my favorite. I paired this with also my best top from 2019 that I wore a bunch, some suede booties and my Italian leather bag. It doesn’t get much more simple than this, and it’s a great outfit (mostly all from Forever 21 too lol)

This was a super fun look for me — who doesn’t love Polka Dots in early spring? I remember this was Easter dinner and I had just barely gotten over the stomach bug for the second time in two weeks. However, I managed to pull myself together, throw on this Lulus dress with a power blazer (another fav piece of this year from Forever 21) and my trustee nude sandals. The bag — a popular style from 2019 is from Amazon!


My first time in Austin Texas for a lovely lovely wedding! I had some time to explore the city before the nuptials, and decided to blend in with my surroundings. I think this was my first time wearing both the shorts (Abercrombie) and the top (Zara) and being so excited for how the outfit came out! Paired with my Kayu Design bag and Nordstrom Rack open toe mules!


This was a batch photo day — which means I put Mike to work lol! This outfit just came to me for the season, and I loved the pairing of the white and blush. Again, never wore this skirt out (it was a flop, completely see thru UGH) but the top got tons of use this summer!


This was shot in LA by a lovely photographer (S/O Morgan <3) and honestly one of my favorite looks in 2019. This lace blazer dress is from Lulus and I bought this just for this work occasion. It was a total hit at the event, and a statement piece I am looking forward to wearing again next summer.

AH! Another photo from my batch photo day (I guess Mike did a really good job this day). This outfit is SO trendy, that I don’t even know if it can be replicated beyond one season. Bike shorts, a lace cami, white blazer overtop and belt bag worn crossbody lol. Paired it with snakeskin strappy sandles that are so unsupportive, yet I wore them literally all summer long.


This look is SO good for fall! I am wearing all Zara (my new fav store in 2019) except for the booties, which are uncomfortable, yet cute from Forever 21. This is kind of what I mentioned earlier, veering from girly and really driving home the neutral play.


This fall really changed my look and signified the direction I want to go in with my style. This look is a clear example of that! I found an IG account that I blogged fully about before: Read it Here — and decided to mimic her style. This was one of my favorites that came from it!

Another look copied from @styledbyflorencia! This look was fun because I got to incorporate pretty much all of my favorite pieces in one outfit. Levi jeans, tan booties, tan turtleneck from Forever 21 that is SO comfy and my go-to Zara denim jacket. Perfect Perfect fall look.


Taking these photos last week, I had no idea that this could end up on my favorite photos from 2019 list! However, I really do love this look so much. Tall boots under a long dress is just so comfy and secure! This dress I wore on Christmas day from HM. It’s a little big and bunchy in the middle, so I threw on my belt for a little more shape — turns out, it’s just what it needed

Instagram Top 9:

Top 9 is a popular app around this time of year, that tells everyone their top engaged photos from the year. It’s a cute app that brings back many memories, so inserted below is mine!

The first photo starting in the top left corner I will never forget is my most liked photo ever lol!! And it’s of a beautiful sandwich from Alidoro in Soho, Manhattan! Mike and I took a weekend trip for my 23rd birthday, and had so much fun trying different foods. Next was my 23rd birthday post, followed by a Happy New Year post which featured a partnership I did with Charlotte Russe! Some more highlights is the bottom row middle photo, the most beautiful latte I ever got (leopard print!) and the photo to the right of that, an awesome partnership I did with Just Fab shoes!

Top 9 definitely brings back some highlights from the previous year. What fun memories to enjoy!

This was a long one, but if you stuck around until now, I applaud you lol.

Happy New Year everyone! Here’s to more looks in 2020, and the next Top 9!

Xx Rachel


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