Record Year in Review

2019 was good to me. I know at the end of every year everyone can’t stop talking about how they are ready for the year to end, and are gearing up for the new year. I get it — it usually means a fresh start, new mindset and a chance to set new goals. Just as much as I AM excited for the new year, I wanted to take the time to appreciate what THIS year had in store for me.

2018 was a really uncertain year for me. I graduated college without a plan really. I always had goals, always knew what I wanted to do and had an idea on how to get there, but it was really hard. I had so many job interviews when I graduated and none of them seemed to land. Finally, an internship at a company in NYC phyiscally landed in my lap, and I decided to go for it. Though the internship was completely unpaid and I was traveling 2 hours ONE way to get there, I didn’t care, it was so worth it and I learned a TON. This was my in to the big city, and ultimately kickstarted my career.

Around this time in 2018, the internship had ended and I was super lost. More interviews lined up but were for nothing I was super interested in. It was hard for me to enjoy the holiday season knowing that there was nothing really in store for me.

Luckily, right after the new year (2019), I had an interview lined up at a temp agency who specialized in jobs in the fashion and beauty industry in New York. Phew, at least I had that!

It really worked. I was assigned to work at my current job for TWO days as a temp, and ended up sticking around for a while. Later, I was offered a full time position that I am forever grateful for! Cue, my record year.

I thought going through the year month by month of 2019 would be a really fun way to record best memories from this year, and line up my goals for next.


Turned 23 and started temping at my current job!


Officially a full time employee at my actual dream job & worked my first work event


Took a trip to Vermont to visit my brother & Amanda, and started hunting for my first apartment with Mike!


Another family trip to Vermont and another successful work event!


Mike and I moved into our first apartment together, my work commute got cut in half, we started to decorate and explore our new city!


Traveled to Austin, TX for the first time for a wedding, got our kitty babies, did a weekend trip in the NYC for Mike’s 23rd & traveled to Jamaica with my parents for ANOTHER wedding!!


Cuddled our new kittens a ton, I traveled to LA for a work event and met my actual style icon (aka best 2 days of my life) & started religiously hanging out with a friend that means the most to me


Took tons of outfit pics, enjoyed summer Friday’s to the fullest & put on an amazing work event


Another insanely amazing work event in the books, had a lot of fall laughs with Mike & headed to the biggest fair in New England with friends


Embarked on a 5 day road trip to Colorado from Vermont with my brother & Amanda (while discovering my love for the Windy City), decorated for fall & had the best girls day with my momma!


Put on a 2-day work event & had a lovely Thanksgiving with family


Decorated for Christmas, took Christmas card photos with my little family, visited my gram in FL with mom (girls trip!), spent Christmas with my entire family!

I’m not going to say this will be a hard year to beat, because I know that with hard work and passion, each year can out shine the last. I cannot wait to see what 2020 has in store for me. With my reflections of 2019, here’s to planning my goals for 2020!

Xx Rachel


1 thought on “Record Year in Review

  1. What an absolutely amazing 2019! Congrats on landing your dream job. 😊 Happy New Year!

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