Christmas Card BTS & More

Hi everyone! Tis the season for Christmas cards, right?!

Growing up my favorite thing to do in preparation for Christmas was to take the photo with my brother. I think the thought of my parents sending it around to our closest friends and family, and even those they hadn’t connected with in years was so fun to me. I LOVE getting Christmas cards in the mail, so I always loved sending one out too.

A couple years back, naturally, we got a little old for the whole “picture” Christmas card, and we didn’t even live in the same state anymore – so it kind of phased out. However, now that Mike and I have our own place this year (and kitties), I thought it would be fun to not only share our address with family, but also write a sweet note letting our friends and family know that we’re thinking of them.

It was so fun to take a Christmas card photo again this year, and I am really grateful Mike wanted to be a part of it. Our cats weren’t the happiest with A. their Christmas sweaters and B. being held, but hey, it turned out pretty darn cute. See below for some of my favorite outtakes.

This is the one we sent out!!!

I hope you enjoyed this little BTS! Thanks to my good friend Carly for taking these special photos! Merry Christmas everyone.

XX Rachel


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