For your guy: Gift Guide

The ladies gift guide went first, but now it’s the guys’ turn! We all have a guy in our life, whether it be our boyfriend, husband, dad, brother or friend and let’s be honest with ourselves, guys can be really hard to shop for. My boyfriend and I have been together for a long time and I wish I could say gift giving gets easier, but actually the opposite, it keeps getting harder!

Anyways, I hope this gift guide inspires you, helps you out, or makes you excited to shop for that guy in your life this holiday season. Let’s get started!

Goop Wellness Chews: $30-90 has a number of wellness chews and multi-vitamins that are good for any human to take on a daily basis! You can even sign your guy up for a subscription to one of these packs. If he’s into wellness, he’ll appreciate this kind of offering.

Cocktail Mixer Set: ~$60

My guy is really into tequila right now, so if I were to get this gift, I think I would go with the Casamigos mixer set pictured above from Williams Sonoma. However, depending on what type of liquor the man in your life is into, there’s a set for everything! This is a thoughtful gift to tell him, I know how you like to wind down on the weekends.

Tile Pro 2 Pack: $50

Okay so I have definitely heard of this, but did not know it was this budget friendly. I also didn’t know it was something you could just buy on Amazon. For those that are not familiar, Tile Pro basically allows you to attach this small tile to your belongings like your wallet, keys and anything else and using the app on your phone, you can make these items “ring” when you’ve lost them! Ever walk around your house saying “I know my wallet is here, I just don’t know where”. Tile Pro will help you find it! I WANT THIS GIFT! You can also use your tile reverse, to find your phone. Your phone will ring, even if it’s on silent…how cool?

Beard Grooming and Trimming Set: $25

This is a cute little set to gift the guy who has a beard. If this guy already takes care of his beard, great! If he doesn’t, he really should. This kit includes a balm, oil, brush, comb and trimmers! This is also a super budget friendly gift, and gives you a lot of bang for your buck.

Ring Outdoor Surveillance Camera: $99

Is anyone else’s man in their life obsessed with outdoor surveillance? I know a couple guys in my life that would really like this gift. I don’t know what it is with men and creeping on what’s going on outside, but this is a pretty cost-effective camera and a household name when it comes to security.

Black & Decker Drill Project Kit: $60


Ah, what a name — project kit! Nothing says “please do things around the house and hang things up for me” like truly gifting a basic tool set. Lucky for me, my guy is the handiest and it doesn’t take much convincing for him to hang things or put things together, but I have heard the struggles of some of my other friends. This is a great gift, and with great value!

Teddy Bear Faux Fur Robe: $40 (on sale now, usually $70)

Men like to be pampered and cozy too sometimes, okay!? Let your guy relax with the gift of a fluffy robe for weekend relaxing. I really like this charcoal color from Pottery Barn.

Kiehl’s Men’s Skincare Starter Set: $40

Skincare is not just for women. If your guy is not into skincare, he should be. If he is, great — he will love this gift! This set from Kiehl’s is not too daunting, it consists of a face wash, a body soap bar, a shave cream and an energizing moisturizer. The use of skincare products (and good ones) can seriously combat aging, dry skin or any adult acne as well.

Zara Sweat Suit: $80

Guys are going to wear sweats, so as the gift giver in their life, make sure they’re in some stylish sweats, PLEASE! I love the options Zara has for men’s sweats, as they are really cute, on trend and look cozy but put together. If I was going to get this for my guy, I would get the above photos, but they have plenty of other options!

Like I said above, I hope this inspired you!! Guys are so hard to shop for, but I hope this made it a little more manageable. I think I even gave myself some ideas…

Xx, Rachel


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