For your gal: Gift Guide

You all know the drill! It’s almost December, which means it’s time for a holiday gift guide. I just read my post from last year for some inspo, and I have to say, it’s going to be hard to top last year’s. However, I will try! Let’s get into it.

**Note! I listed the prices/price ranges next to each item! Enjoy xx

Street Map or Star Map from Mapiful: $39-69

This is a great fit for her! Maps are beautiful decor in any space, and have a lot of emotional value to them. Star maps can also be very romantic depending on the occasion. Mapiful is my go-to spot to get a map (I own 3 and use them as my living room decor!)

Drunk Elephant Skincare Gift Collection: $28-88+

Try to find out her skin type and give her the gift of skincare! Drunk Elephant is Clean Beauty line at Sephora, so as long as you know her skin type, any of these gift sets will work well for her. Tip: if you don’t want to ask her skin type, look at the products she already uses, head to Sephora and let the expert steer you to the right set!

Slip Silk: $25-85

Give the gift of beauty sleep this year! Slip Silk has the best silk pillowcases, eye masks and scrunchies on the market right now. They are all the rave and there’s an 80% chance your girl has heard of them. If not, she will be pleasantly surprised by this thoughtful gift! Often times, women’s skin and hair suffers while she sleeps, but with Slip, it’s anti-aging, anti-sleep lines and anti-bed head! It can reduce acne and oily hair in our sleep. What is better!? See all benefits of Slip here:

Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer: $400

This is a total SPLURGE, I realize that! However, I have heard NOTHING but amazing things about the Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer, so that’s why it made it onto this list. For someone like me, this gift wouldn’t be super beneficial because I have super thin hair, don’t blow dry it often and when I do, it takes me 2 seconds, literally. However, some of my friends who have a lot of hair would love to get something like this!

Diptyque: $36-65

Diptyque candles are the epitome of luxe! They not only all smell amazing, but they are great for coffee table decor. Check out their smaller size candles for $36, or larger 6.5 oz for $65. They also have fragrances and other candle accessories! I know they do gift sets for the holidays, so you might find something great there. Your girl will LOVE this! My favorite scent is in the photo above!

Coffee Table Book Collections: $75-100

Not going to lie, these are on my Christmas list this year!! Not only can coffee table books be a great read for your guests when they come over, but they can also be fun for you to pick up and read on a rainy day. My favorite part of coffee table books is that they serve as really great decor. I currently have ‘In Vogue’, ‘Vogue The Covers’, ‘She’ by Kate Spade and an art book. This year I definitely want to add the Chanel Assouline that encompasses three hardcover books. Other ones that I am interested in are Louis Vuitton and WOMEN. You can get these books at any major retailers like Amazon, Urban Outfitters, sometimes Marshalls and TJs have them, Nordstrom and more! Such a great gift.

Kitchen Appliances

Okay people, tread lightly on this one! Caution — make sure the person you are gifting this 1. wants it and 2. has space for it. I think the worst thing ever is to get a bulky gift that you don’t have room for and won’t even use! However, once you vet that portion of this gifting process, let’s chat about two kitchen appliances that I think are great additions to any home.

  1. Nespresso machine — $115-350: Everything I have seen around this machine seems really yummy and I like that the pods are easily swapped out for new flavors. I have never heard one bad thing about these makers, and really want to switch out my coffee machine for this.
  2. Air Fryer — $45-200: There are so many recipes that include an air fryer, and I am dying to make cooking easier on the weekends.

Mejuri Jewelry: $30-400

Mejuri is a fine jewelry company that is super trendy right now. They feature dainty, luxe jewelry for affordable prices, and you really cannot go wrong when you head to their website. They have both gold and silver jewelry in necklaces, rings, earrings bracelets and more. The quality is amazing and if you are nervous about what style to get, don’t be — your girl will love anything on this site, I promise!

Apple Airpods: $150-250

My boyfriend got them for me last Christmas, and they are my most coveted gift that I am using every day still! Apple just came out with a new version, which are more expensive, but I have the original and honestly, I love them. They are a great gift for anyone who spends a lot of time in public; walking, commuting, etc. or someone that loves music!

Spa Treatment Coupon: $100+

This doesn’t need to be a gift card or coupon from a specific spa, it can just be a home-made printed coupon you can give to the lady in your life for the next time she wants her brows done, lashes done, nails done, hair, dermaplanning, vampire facial etc., it’s on you! Giving the gift of spa and self care is the ultimate treat for any woman.

Bar Cart Accessories: ~$40

If she’s a millennial living on her own, there’s a good chance she has a bar cart! Though bar carts are cute, they can be really expensive to fill and accessorize. My bar cart looks okay, but I do wish I had more fun accessories for the next time I am entertaining. You can get these anywhere like, Crate and Barrel, TJ Maxx, Williams Sonoma; etc.!

Laura Mercier Rouge Essentiel Lipstick in Red: $32

Around the holidays and new years, a red lipstick is really festive! My favorite lipstick is from Laura Mercier, it’s the Rouge Essentiel line. There are 5 red shades in the entire collection, one just as gorgeous and holiday-esq as the next.

I hope everyone enjoyed this gift guide if you are looking to treat the special gal in your life! Happy shopping!

Xx, Rachel


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