All Things Jackets

I would like to consider myself a coat / jacket connoisseur because I just love outerwear that much. The ONLY good thing about cooler temperatures in my mind, is that we get to wear all kinds of jackets.

I personally think a good jacket can make or break an outfit. Pro Tip: you don’t always need a NorthFace or Canada Goose jacket in the winter in order to feel warm — there ARE other options out there! Especially if you work inside full time and don’t walk outside a ton on a day-to-day basis, you don’t need something crazy weather tech all the time.

Let’s get into my favorite types of jackets for fall & winter!

Fashionable Puffer

This jacket is the Camile by Dawn Levy New York:

A little bit of flare on a winter coat goes a really long way! I love the Mongolian fur hood on this jacket, because it’s super different and very warm!

Wool Wrap

I think it’s easy to forget that wool can be really really warm for the winter! Like I mentioned at the top of this post, not every winter jacket needs to be a puffer in order to keep you warm. This style of jacket is really stylish and can be dressed up (left) or dressed down (right).

The Blazer Jacket

This jacket is so versatile and adds a bit of texture and pattern to any neutral look! I mainly wear this jacket at the end of fall and beginning of winter (it’s not warm enough for those crazy cold winter months), but it’s one of my favorite jackets to style.

The Trendy Puffer

This jacket is Forever21:

We all know that cropped, colorful puffers are all the rave right now, so I had to pick one up! I got this from Forever 21 for only $39 and it’s surprisingly warm. You can find this style at any trendy store right now, Zara, ASOS, Forever21 and HM. This is also really fun to dress up or down!

The Teddy

This Teddy is from Zara and was only $35!

I can’t go ANYWHERE without seeing at least one person, if not 100 people in a Teddy jacket. I think they are so popular because not only are they cozy, but also really cute and soft, and go with a lot of outfits! Who cares if everyone has one, style it to your own!


This is definitely more of a fall option, but I am still wearing my denim jacket out and it’s nearly Thanksgiving! I love having the option of both the black denim and traditional denim, because it allows for a lot of versatility within the outfits you are putting together. I am absolutely living in my black denim this year!


Leather is easily one of the most underrated materials when it comes to warmth! I think people definitely forget how wind proof leather can be, so it comes in handy. I like sporting my leather jacket if I am going to dinner and it’s just a short walk from the car because it has that nighttime vibe, but can definitely hold some warmth. Don’t be afraid to try out a colored leather as well (picture on the right is 100% leather!)

This was a long one! But I hope you enjoyed seeing my top picks for winter jackets. It’s easy to think you need a Canada Goose or something very mainstream just because everyone has it, but the truth is that fashionable winter jackets can be a little more fun! Lastly, see below for my version of a “every day warm puffer” that doesn’t have many style elements but gets me through the coldest days. It’s Guess Brand and I got it at Marshalls a couple years ago! TJ Maxx & Marshalls have great outerwear if you are on a budget.

Xx, Rachel


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