Copying My Favorite IG Account’s Outfits for a Week

A while back, my favorite Youtuber, Alex Garza, posted that she hired a stylist for a week and made a video about it! When she revealed who the stylist was, I of course had to check out her Instagram. Upon visiting the stylist’s page, I was immediately hooked!

Styled by Florencia (@styledbyflorencia on Instagram) is an account unlike any I’ve seen! I think it is so original and unique, and that’s why it caught my eye. I’ll inset a screenshot of her feed below, so you can see the kind of posts she creates.

Since I’ve been sending the account to all my friends who have similar style to me, my friend Carly actually suggested the idea for this blog post. I was OBSESSED with that idea, thank you Carly! and here we are!

Fun fact: I didn’t buy ONE piece of clothing for these looks, I simply looked at her page and specifically picked looks that I knew I owned many pieces of. It just goes to show that inspiration goes a long way. You don’t always have to spend money to achieve the look you are going for. Some of these outfits, maybe I would have assembled on my own, but for a lot of them, I was excited that this styling was making me look at my clothes in a different way!

Florencia definitely uses a mix of high end, luxury and reasonably priced, however, I can assure you all of my recreated looks are from stores like Zara, HM and Forever 21!

Day 1: Chic Street Style

I think this was honestly my favorite look (usually you should save the best for last, but I am SO excited about this one!). When I came across this outfit on her feed I was flabbergasted that I literally had items JUST like this in my wardrobe! I immediately put them together and I think seamlessly recreated this.

Day 2: Nerdy Chic

Though this isn’t my favorite outfit of all time, again, I had all the pieces so I was really inclined to put it together. This was one of the outfits that I mentioned earlier really made me think of my clothes in a new way. Unlike the ‘Day 1’ outfit, I don’t actually think I would have put this one together for myself had I not gotten the inspiration from Florencia’s page. I really like how it came out in the image, and am glad I made it come to life!

Day 3: Casually Sophisticated

This look is so classic and definitely something I think I would throw together for myself. I have been LIVING in my black denim jacket this year, so this was the perfect outfit to incorporate it. This is something I could see myself wearing to the office or out and about on the weekend.

Day 4: Classic and Cozy

If I had to pick any look from all of these that was not completely spot on, I think it would be this one. However, I think it is still pretty darn close! This warm teddy coat is the perfect way to make a classic all black outfit pretty cozy. This is definitely a weekend look, and perfect if you’re doing something outside for a longer period of time.

Thanks to Alex Garza (@alexandreagarza on Instagram) for making a video highlighting Florencia, and Florencia for having SUCH a creative Instagram! Also a big thank you to my friend Carly for the inspo behind this post, and for taking these images.

Let me know if you liked this post, I know it was a super long one, but it was really fun for me!

Xx Rachel


6 thoughts on “Copying My Favorite IG Account’s Outfits for a Week

  1. How fun!! You really did have all the perfect pieces for these outfits!! The first one is my favorite, too. 😊


    1. Thank you so much!! Xx

      Liked by 1 person

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