My Friend and I Picked Out Each Other’s Outfits!

My friend Carly and I thought it could be fun to head to the local Marshalls and pick outfits out for each other! One rainy Sunday, we did so.

After absolutely filling our carts full of things we knew the other person would like, we headed to the dressing room to try on! We had so much fun and I ended up picking out some pieces for Carly that she actually ended up purchasing. She even walked out with the jacket that she’s wearing in this photo, even though she picked it out for me! Ha! I loved it too, but I have a similar style puffer (link to mine HERE) and it looks so great on her.

The jacket I am wearing, I picked out for her, but she let me wear for this photo. As for the shoes, you guessed it, we’re both wearing the same pair. I didn’t exactly pick them out for her, but she sent me a pair just like them asking for my idea on them, but they were a bit expensive. However, they reminded me of the ones I already had from H&M that are only $39 (link HERE) so I sent her the link and she got them! They’re super comfortable platform booties and a total staple for fall/winter.

We’re both wearing black turtlenecks which I highly advise every female has in her wardrobe for fall and winter (link to some good ones HERE, HERE & HERE). There are infinite amount of outfits that go with a black turtleneck! Blue jeans to top both these looks off and voila, the perfect fall look for weekend wear!

This was a really really fun thing to do with my friend Carly, and I look forward to doing it for more seasons to come with her! You never know what perspective your good friend may have for your wardrobe, or what looks good on you. Just be open to any and all ideas!

Xx Rachel


2 thoughts on “My Friend and I Picked Out Each Other’s Outfits!

  1. These are so cute – love the jackets!


    1. Thank you!!!!

      Liked by 1 person

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