What I think of SKIMS

If you know me, you know I love Kim Kardashian West, always have, always will. That’s why, whenever she comes out with another product that I am interested in, I have to test it out.

I have two of her KKW Fragrances: the Crystal Gardenia and KKW Body II. I have one product from KKW Beauty, the creme contour stick (what is contour if not KKW) and now, I am trying her latest and greatest, SKIMS (formally KIMONO).

I can even remember back in the day going to Sears and BEGGING my mom to buy me a Kardashian line track suit or one of her old fragrances. I even made my parents take me to DASH while in Miami in probably 2010. The only thing I could afford was a water bottle with the Kardashian sister’s posing for a photo on the bottle, so of course, I bought it.

Ah, truly the good old days. Love her or not, she’s great at what she does and promotes her own brand like no one else. That’s why whenever Kim comes out with something that I think will fit my life, I support it.

So, what do I think about SKIMS?!

At first when it looked like it was just Shapewear, I didn’t think I was interested. It actually wasn’t until she launched the Cotton Collection that it really caught my eye. I ended up getting the Cotton Triangle Bralette in the color Bone for $32 and the Mesh Scoop Bralette in Clay for $32! My total came out to around $70, which for two bras really isn’t that bad — and that was with shipping included.

They came in the mail pretty quick, I would say between 4-5 days, and the box was super cute!

For sizing: I ended up getting a medium in the scoop neck and a small in the cotton triangle because they were OOS on the medium and I really wanted it! I wasn’t sure which size to go with, especially since there is such a great range, so I definitely looked to the size guide to help. It guided me to say if I was a 4-6 in dress size, I could wear a small. If you’re an 8-10, you could wear a medium. I am a 4-6, but definitely don’t consider my size “small” in anything. With the fact that a lot was OOS, and I really wanted to try the two different sizes, I just went with it. I am happy I did, because now I can report back! I definitely am not a small, and wish I had gotten the medium in both. I would say stick to the size you think you probably are, and truly use the size guide as a guide.

As for the feel, quality and wear, I don’t have enough good things to say! I definitely will be looking to SKIMS for all my future undergarment needs. The feel is amazing. I never knew something could be so soft, yet supportive, so kudos to Kimmy! The quality is great and honestly, I don’t expect anything less from anything the Kardashian Jenners put their name on. The wear is also great. I could live in the mesh scoop neck!! I definitely wish I got something different than the Triangle Cotton, because those styles don’t usually work for me, but it is still good.

I hope this helped! If you’re thinking of trying SKIMS, do it!

Xx, Rachel


2 thoughts on “What I think of SKIMS

  1. bingingonabudget November 4, 2019 — 9:13 am

    Thanks for sharing, I’ll have to try one of these products. Thank you!


    1. Of course!! Enjoy.


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