Repurposing Dresses

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Happy Tuesday! I hope everyone had a great weekend!

Today I want to chat quickly about repurposing dresses within seasons, because it’s super easy to do.

I got this dress back in July from Zara for $10 which is an absolute steal. If you’ve never been to the Zara sale, I recommend you mentally prepare, but also do it. Do it for your wallet.

The quality of this dress is amazing, so I thought to myself, in what world would this be $10?! I had to have it! I ended up wearing it in late July to a work event, and it was such a hit! Since the material is kind of heavy, I knew it would be a great transition piece for fall.

You know when some days you really just feel like wearing a dress? That’s how I felt this weekend when I slipped it back on. I finally had my staple jacket from Elle Tahari with me and I slipped into my new Thigh High boots from DSW that arrived this weekend! (full post coming on fall boots/booties soon!).

Similar: Plaid Wool Coat links below to shop!’
Unisa Wide Calf Over the Knee boot from DSW! $59.99

When seeing if a dress will easily transition between seasons, definitely keep in mind the following: color, print, texture and style. Does the color work for the seasons you’re wanting to wear it in? Does the print lean more towards one season and not make sense for the other? What is the texture? If you will sweat in the summer or freeze in the winter, you probably cannot wear it. Style goes without saying — you’ll figure it out!

What’s a dress you took from season to season?

Xx, Rachel


2 thoughts on “Repurposing Dresses

  1. Brigida Capicotto October 29, 2019 — 7:25 am

    Love this article so much and this dress! Recently this week I’ve been pairing some lighter summer pants with big chunky sweaters and mules. The pants are just too comfy not to carry across the seasons


    1. Yes!! Love this! I have been doing the same — something I may not have done before 🙂 It feels good to repurpose!


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