My boyfriend picked my outfit

Hello hello! Thanks for stopping by!

I thought this blog post could be quite fun, so I asked my boyfriend if he would be interested in making it come to life, and to my surprise, he said yes!

At first, he was apprehensive to pick out an outfit for me, so he picked something extremely safe — blue jeans, a tan sweater and tan booties! After he looked at it, he decided that was too boring so he went with something a little different, and what he picked completely surprised me!

What he picked for me is actually something I would wear, I am so shocked! LOL!

He went for trouser leggings from HM that sport a Cheetah print (on sale right now for $5.99!) and a black sweater. Since he likes flats rather than heels when we’re going out together, he chose my Steve Madden loafers. I added the gold necklace to tie it all together and my black handbag! I think it is the perfect outfit for weekend wear, or the office!

I hope you enjoyed reading the BTS of my boyfriend picking out my outfit, it was fun for me to see what he wanted to see me in!

Happy Sunday everyone, have a great week!

Xx Rachel


1 thought on “My boyfriend picked my outfit

  1. Good Job Michael, I love the outfit.


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