Keeping Fall Decor Fresh & Simple

Hi pals!

This weekend I decided to venture to my local TJ Maxx (as one does), for some fall decor! It was time to spice up the normal apartment decor for something a bit seasonal, so what better place than the ol Maxx?

My goal was to find pieces that weren’t SCREAMING fall in your face, but that were also enough to get the vibe across for these couple of months. I actually found it really hard achieve this, so I had to get a bit creative. Read more to see what I did to supplement the typical ‘autumn decor’ for something a bit more natural (and costly), and how it worked for me!

1. Porporri

Porporri is a fun way to incorporate a little seasonal excitement throughout the house without being super forceful. But…also did anyone know how insanely expensive it is? I walked away with one bag and poured it into an oversized mason jar for the kitchen.

2. A white pumpkin

I love a traditional orange pumpkin just as much as the next gal, but not for my apartment. I think a white pumpkin is the perfect example on how to be understated but still digestible!

3. Faux flower / decor bunch

This HAS to be my most creative of the ‘bunch’ since I just found these cute weaved white pumpkins on a stick randomly. I knew I had a vase at home that these could look cute in, so I improvised. If you have animals, you know all too well the noise that a falling vase with water makes, so this is a great and festive solution. I will probably find something like this around Christmas too. If you were directed here from my Instagram post, than you already know the the TJ Maxx employee really thought this was a bunch of fake garlic…smh. I’ll give him a break — he might not know the white pumpkin vibe.

4. Real floral arrangement

I have to say, if I didn’t by chance get these flowers, I don’t know that I would have real flowers displayed because of my sweet baby kittens. However, if you have trained pets or no pets, this is a great understated option for seasonal decor and dresses up a bar cart!

Hope you enjoyed my breakdown!! What’re you decorating with?? Do apartment people seasonally decorate?! LMK!

Xx Rachel

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