A Few of my Fave Things

Happy Wednesday everyone!! As I am preparing to turn 23 tomorrow, I wanted to come on here and share a few of my favorite things of 2019 so far!! I got a ton of stuff for Christmas that I am loving and found some old gems that I’ve found a new appreciation for. Let’s get started!!!!

Apple AirPods: My generous boyfriend got me these little, and very expensive AirPods for Christmas and I am obsessed. As a Manhattan commuter, a gal needs some AirPods, right?! I officially fit in on the streets and live life cord (and hassle) free! Between my hair, my jacket, scarf and bag, I don’t need a cord hanging in my way while I’m trying to quickly walk to work.

‘Rachel’ nameplate necklace: So I recently finished Sex and the City series all the way through for the THIRD time, yes, obsessed. And realized that I had to have a nameplate necklace like Carrie wears. One night I searched ‘Carrie Bradshaw necklace’ on Etsy, picked one out and added the link to my Christmas list. Come Christmas morning my mom had gotten it for me!! It was definitely affordable and I wear it every single day!!

Davines Oi All In One Milk: I’ve definitely talked about this awesome hair product on here or my Instagram before but I just wanna talk about it again because it’s just that good. First of all the SMELLLLL. I would seriously buy this again if it did nothing but smell the way that it does. Thankfully, it does more than just smell great—it’s the ultimate detangler and makes my hair soooo silky smooth before a blow dry.

Ouai Wave Spray: This is another product that I’ve mentioned before but another goodie. I have thin, pin straight hair and somehow I get waves with this stuff. Oh, and it TOO smells amazing!!

Okay on to the new stuff….

Bare Minerals Matte Powder: I’ve never owned Bare Minerals because I thought it was too expensive but I literally found this one day at TJ Maxx for $6! You can’t even get Maybelline for $6 (not shaming Maybelline, love them). This powder has been a staple in my makeup routine recently and I don’t know what I would do without it. I apply it with a brush after my foundation or BB cream and it mattifies my face and sets the makeup in.

itCosmetics Your Skin But Better CC Cream: This stuff is AMAZE!! Another Christmas gift from my lovely boyfriend. (I may have dropped a hint, aka sent a link). Either way, I had a sample of this and couldn’t stop thinking about it so I had to ask for it for Christmas and I love it! It is the perfect amount of coverage, but it’s glowy and dewy and the best part? A little bit goes a LONG way!! I know this will last me a while (it better…this ain’t cheap and I didn’t even buy it). I apply this with a wet beauty blender and it makes all my face dreams come true.

Laura Mercier Candleglow Soft Luminous Foundation: This foundation is definitely different than itCosmetics but I love it for it’s own specialities. First of all, if you’re a 5 min face gal, you need this. The instructions literally say you can apply with your fingertips…what’s better than that?? I’ve been obsessed with face makeup lately..I think weirdly it’s because my skin has finally cleared up so I’m wearing foundation because I want to not because I have to? (My theory) either way, I chose to apply with a wet beauty blender but it’s amazing!!

That’s all!!! You’ll hear from me again tomorrow with a little birthday post ❤️



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