How to Dress on Trend if you’re CHEAP like me!!

Dressing on trend can be really fun and “in the moment”. However, what happens when you spend all this money on trendy clothes..and then it goes completely out of style? I KNOW! You lose out on money!

That’s why a lot of times I won’t buy something that I have a feeling won’t be around for a long time. Well, lately I’ve really wanted some trendy clothing, so I’ve found a way to get it for less. That way I can enjoy it while it’s in style, but when it’s gone, I won’t feel so bad never wearing it again.

Take short puffer jackets for example: super on trend, right?! I decided to get a puffer on Black Friday from Forever 21 and it was only…$10!! The puffer is nice, it’s not super warm and it’s not as “puffy” as a lot of the more trendy ones out there, but it does the job for me and looks really cute with a casual outfit. Get it HERE for $14!

Dad sneakers: LOL! I never imagined myself getting a pair of these, but “ugly sneakers” are really on trend right now, so I had to find out what all of the buzz was about (for research and blogging purposes, of course!) Anyways, I ordered these bad boys off of Boohoo for only $17 and they are surprisingly comfortable and just what I pictured them being. Find them HERE!

I topped off these trendy items with jeans HERE (that I cut myself at the bottom to get that frayed, trendy look at no cost) and a stripped shirt (HERE, Similar). This look was super easy and it’s really trendy, and it didn’t break the bank. Like I said, I don’t see these items staying popular forever, but for now I am going to enjoy them and make them trendy for ME!



4 thoughts on “How to Dress on Trend if you’re CHEAP like me!!

  1. This post was really helpful hun, thank you! xx


    1. Thanks for reading!! xo

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Great tips, I love shopping on a budget. Which clothing stores do you like the best for their deals?


    1. I do too!! My favorite stores for shopping on trend but also on a budget have to be Marshall’s, Forever 21 and HM!! Some online stores, like where I got my sneakers ( can also be useful when shopping on a budget!!! Thanks for reading (:


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