The Real Deal about Blogging

It occurred to me this morning when my boyfriend’s mom showed me an article she found called “The Truth About Blogging” that all anyone wants to know when they start a blog is, “how do I become successful” “how do I get noticed” “how can I get readers” “when and how can I have things sent to me for free.”

Thousands of people read this article, and you can read it too right HERE, (I don’t condone some of the language) I am assuming because they wanted to know the secret potion on blogging. There must be an easier way, there must be a secret equation that I can apply  to the backend of my site to ensure that I get thousands of views on each post and to make sure I have no bad days on my blog. Guess what I realized when I thought about that very thing myself? THERE IS! Do you want to know what it is?!?!….


Ah, darn, I got you! Yes, that’s the secret potion. Add a little passion in there and self accountability and you’ve got yourself a fantastic blog and blogger that is going to attracted thousands of people. Sorry y’all, no special code or “must know tip to get readers” other than that being hard work and dedication. I know, kind of anticlimactic. However, when you realize and accept that, it’s really all you need to keep going. 

This is going to be a weird analogy, but bare with me for a minute. You know when you’re going to the gym and eating right because you want to see some sort of result: lose/gain weight, build muscle, train for something; and you just can’t seem to get yourself to the gym? Then, finally when you do and you feel good and go consistently, you start to see results? THEN you really see results and you think, hey once I’m here, it’s not so bad, I think I can achieve this. We’ve all been there at some point. Well, blogging is kind of like that sensation. You start out and no one really knows who you are, you might not think you have any sort of credibility and no one’s reading your stuff. However, the ones realllllly passionate about the craft will persist and start to see results. You say, wow this feels good, let me see what happens if I keep going…so you do. Then, finally you reach a goal you never thought you could and you keep making new ones…and you never stop because you can always achieve more greatness.

That’s how it feels to blog, at least thats how it feels to us passionate folk who are willing to wait it out and come out on the other side, or keep achieving new goals.

Blogging is a whole lot of fun and something I really enjoy doing. I didn’t start because I wanted free stuff or because I wanted people to think I had great style. I started because I wanted an outlet where I could write and combine my two loves, writing and fashion…so I am willing to mix the secret potion of hardwork and passion for as long as it takes, and see what happens when I come out on the other side.



4 thoughts on “The Real Deal about Blogging

  1. It’s so true that many people think of blogging as get rich quick and cool fast scheme. I really enjoyed you article


    1. Thank you! I agree, I can’t help but to write about it!!


  2. I couldn’t agree more with you girly! I also love how blogging allows me to interact with so many wonderful people.

    xo Logan


    1. It’s the best!!!! Thanks for reading xo


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