Holiday Gift Guide: FOR HER!

Now that we got the Men’s Gift Guide out of the way, I have some awesome ideas for the woman in your life! Whether it be your girlfriend, sister, mom, aunt, grandma, sister-in-law or whatever, I have compiled gifts in allll price ranges to make sure you find something for that someone!

I don’t know about you, but for some reason I am so pumped about the holidays this year. I already know what I am getting everyone on my list (and by the time this is published, I will probably have bought most things too!) If you read my Gift Guide For Him, I think I mentioned that I want all my shopping done and out of the way, so I can really soak up the Holiday season, with gifts NOT on the mind!

Shall we jump into my ideas!? Like the mens, I am going to start from lowest price point and make my way up. Here we go!

  1. Minimalist Jewelry: These earrings made by Studex, are so perfect and affordable, I cannot stop gushing about them. In the photo, I am wearing one pair in my lobes and since this picture, I bought two more pairs! They were just what I have been looking for for over a year and now that I know about them, I just want to shout it from the rooftops! They are so easy to take on and off and in my opinion, the only one of their kind. The other small hoop earrings I’ve come across are so annoying to clasp and honestly do not work for me. Every gal loves a minimal-type jewelry, and to me, these are it! Find them HERE for just $14!

2. A Celebrity Cookbook: These three ladies have got it going on! Get the woman on your list one of these interactive cookbooks that are sure to make them both inspired, and hungry for some good food. All of these books can be found on Amazon and are reasonably priced. Check out Chrissy’s book HERE , Jessie’s HERE , and Kristin’s HERE.

3. Nail Salon Gift Certificate: This gift works for almost any female, and she’ll be sure glad you want her to go treat herself! The best part about this gift is that you can make it for any amount that you feel comfortable with. I suggest anywhere from $20-$45, depending on what your girl usually gets when she heads to the salon. A regular manicure is usually around $15, while a gel is more about $30, a pedicure can range from $30-45 and an eyebrow/lip wax is around $8-10!

4. Silk Pillowcase + Silk Scrunchy: These two gifts together (or separate) are awesome ideas for her! I want both of them SO bad, because they are so good for the longevity and quality of your hair and skin! Silk pillowcases prevent against wrinkles, acne, bed head and frizziness…basically a dream product! HERE you can find the pillowcase for $22 (which comes in many colors) and HERE you can find the scrunchy for $9, which also comes in several colors! 

“Our pillowcases are hypoallergenic and made from the finest 100 percent pure charmeuse silk. Compared to cotton pillowcases, silk dries out skin and hair comparably less and are recommended by dermatologists to minimize wrinkles. Our silk is smooth and dissipates static electricity which makes it a perfect material for combating morning bed hair and frizziness.” –From the Amazon seller

5. Phone accessories bundle: No one can have too many phone accessories and chargers! Get the woman on your list a pop socket (needed!) and be sure to throw in a glass screen protector, a charger and a little wallet she can put on the back of her phone! The Kate Spade card wallet photoed above can be found HERE at Macy’s. I usually find the other phone accessories on Amazon or 5 Below!

6. The gift of coziness: Get your girl a throw blanket, a robe and slippers in a set and she won’t be able to contain her excitement! Truth be told, we just love soft fur and a reason to relax!! These three items are from target and you can find the blanket HERE, the robe HERE and the slippers HERE!

7. Wine and wine glasses: No matter who she is, she probably likes relaxing on the weekends with a glass of wine! I bought the wine glasses, pictured above, for my mom last Christmas and we use them at my house ALL THE TIME! They are long stem and have a bulb shape to them, and are perfect for feeling fancy. Get them HERE! If your girl likes a sweet wine on the less-expensive side, she probably will go for a Moscato or a Rose. If she likes white, look into Pinot Grigio, Chardonnay or Riesling. If she’s into red wine, I suggest a Chianti or anything Red Blend Italian (but that’s just my preference!) If you have a liquor store near you that you really trust, ask the sales associate for assistance!

8. Coffee Table Essentials: Give the gift of minimalistic home decor this year! Honestly, any of these items would make a gal happy. Pair some together to gift her a bundle or gift them separately! I found these modern, chic vases on Anthropologie HERE, the succulent, also from Anthropologie HERE, the coffee table book, Chanel: Collections and Creations HERE, Kate Spade Coffee table book “She” HERE, the beautifully smelling candle from Anthropolgie HERE, and the coffee table book “Dogs” HERE!

9. Fragrance: We can never have too many perfumes, and I mean that when I say that!! I did some digging, and these fragrances seem to be the most popular among women in 2018. To shop them, follow these links:

  1. Calvin Klein
  2. Flowerbomb
  3. Lancome
  4. Gucci Bloom
  5. Kim Kardashian West Body II (on my list!!)
  6. YSL Black Opium

10. BoxyCharm Subscription: If your girl loves makeup, haircare and skincare, this is the gift for her! You can purchase her a one year subscription to the BEST beauty subscription box (in my opinion) and she’ll forever be trying out new products. This box gives you 5-6 FULL SIZE products each month and they are all of high end quality!! A personal favorite of mine for SURE! Get it HERE!

I hope you all found this helpful in searching for the women on your list this holiday season!! Please reach out with any questions, or to ask me personally what was on MY list this year!! I will also tell you what I am getting the women in my life, so just reach out!! XO Happy Shopping!

XO, Rae


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