Holiday Gift Guide: FOR HIM!

The time has come, my friends! That’s right, it’s time we start shopping (or thinking about it) if you haven’t already! The holidays are here and I for one, am super excited about this year.

This year is the first time in four years that I am not in school and actually get to spend time at home leading up to Christmas and New Years and not just a couple weeks. I’ve made a Christmas bucket list and really hope to cross some things off of it! One of the items on my bucketlist, however, is to have all of my shopping done by December 15th…haha. In all seriousness, though, I do wanna have it all done (and wrapped) so that I can not worry about it and just relax in the week or so leading up to the holiday. 

With that being said, we all have SOME type of man in our life that deserves a nice gift, right?! WELL I know first hand how hard it is to shop for guys, so that’s where this gift guide comes into play. I have my boyfriend, my brother and my dad. That’s three guys that deserve a wonderful gift…but what to get them? How much to spend? Where and when to shop? SO MANY QUESTIONS!! Let me try and help you solve some of them right now:

Let’s start this gift guide from cheapest-most expensive! (AKA the only way to shop):

  1. Must Haves: Sometimes I just like to go to Marshalls in the mens section and pick out my man a bunch of must haves that he might not think to get himself, but will use and probably does need. That means, some new socks, PJ pants, sweatpants, body spray, razors, gloves, hat, ETC. Plus, if you get 5-6 things, thats a ton they get to unwrap (and it didn’t even cost you that much!) 

2.  Button down and dress socks: this may not be that exciting, but its definitely a good gift! The guy in your life might not feel instant gratification from this present, but when the time comes that they need to dress up and they waited till the night before at 11 p.m. to think about what they’re going to wear (we’ve all been there with our guys) they will really thank you!!! Throw in a belt and a jacket if you want to make this gift more full, or just keep it at this! The options are endless with this present. Shop both the shirt and socks from Express, here and here!

3. A heated blanket: Now THIS is a good gift! Winter is the season for heated blankets and I know I cannot live without one. They are fairly priced, based on where you are looking and you really cannot go wrong. Here, here and here are three blankets I found that you can shop directly!!

4. Gadgets: we all know men and their electronics and gadgets! I can’t even keep up with them, but it’s definitely a good idea for a gift. 1. Everyone could use an extra Apple iPhone Dongle (those stupid things! Get it here) 2. You guys this Bluetooth speaker on Amazon has 30,000 reviews and still maintains a 4 star rating…that’s gotta count for something! No its not Beats or Bose, but it is $22.00 and I’m sure it does the trick (it’s Prime and you can shop it here) 3. I feel like my boyfriend constantly has a new fancy razor…anyone else? Well here’s a pretty cool looking one on Amazon for $60 that I know nothing about but seems like he would enjoy it. Check it out! 4. Portable chargers are a lifesaver for anyone and appreciated by everyone (check this one out here!) 5. Another thing everyone could use: a 10ft. iPhone charger!!! Here is one from Target that I think looks pretty good. 

5. Anything Yeti: You slap the name Yeti on it and it calls all the boys to the yard…literally!! For the typical 20 oz. Rambler, click here. For the koozie that can fit a 12 oz. can of anything, click here. For the Yeti Roadie 20 Cooler, click here! Lastly, for the Yeti Hopper Flip 12 Cooler with top handle, click here!

6. Stylish Men’s Jacket: I have a thing for jackets…which means I want all the men in my life to have a stylish one! I really like the four above in the photos and if you do too, here’s the links to them!! 1. Calvin Klein Puffer: HERE 2. Perry Ellis Bomber: HERE 3. Michael Kors Leather with Hoodie: HERE 4. Levi Sherpa Denim Trucker HERE

7. Cologne: This gift is a given, but is definitely worth mentioning! Whether your guy likes a couple scents, or one staple, it’s always good to restock for Christmas. We always get a new fragrance for Christmas, because it’s just so fun and memorable!! I already know the one I am getting my man but my lips are sealed!! Shopping for it at Macys for sure!

8. Tattoo Gift Certificate: I was proud of myself for thinking of this one…! The best part about this idea is that you can make it as least or most expensive as you want, it’s really a versatile gift! Give them money towards a tattoo or pay for an entire one, the opportunities are endless. 

9. Keurig Machine Single Serve: By gifting this machine, you could save your guy hundreds of dollars throughout the year when he won’t have to go out for coffee!! This is an awesome gift…and you could use it to! HA! Throw some pods to start him off in the box too and have him make you a cup of coffee!! Shop it here!

10. Apple Watch: Here’s the big ticket item!!! I think the Apple Watch is so cool and looks great on guys! Your guy will have everything he needs right on his wrist and it’ll all be thanks to you. 

I hope everyone has enjoyed my gift guide, I tried catering to all budgets, all types of guys and what is also trending right now. I have not revealed anything that I am getting my man…just in case he’s reading this (which I doubt lol) so if you want to know, shoot me a DM on Instagram! I am so glad to be kicking off the holiday season with a For Him Gift Guide and if you like this and used one of my links, let me know! Please share this with others who may be struggling, and do stay tuned for my ‘For Her’ Guide coming next week!! LOVE YALL!

XO, Rae


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