Commuting, working, pursuing, surviving

DSC_0108Okay so I may have had a little breakdown in my car this afternoon, but here we are–I am relaxing and writing a post, so I’m thriving (kinda).

Honestly, I think I deserve a breakdown, though. I am a college grad working three jobs just to stay afloat, follow my passion and make that moulaaaaa. You’d have a mental breakdown too (:

Don’t get me wrong, I wouldn’t change my life for the world, but sometimes I need a GOOD cry. I was leaving my second job, on my way to my third, realized I was about to run out of gas and wouldn’t have time to get any for the next two days because of my schedule. Hello, breakdown!

Either way, I am still trying to make time for the things I love to do, my relationship, my friendships and keeping my sanity. Last weekend I shot some looks for blog posts and Instagrams, this week I spent as much time with my boyfriend as possible and this weekend I am heading over to Rhode Island with my roommate from college! I SEEM like I have it together, but really, in between all that I am commuting four hours total per day to my absolute dream job three days a week, working a day job for the other two days and working a night job those two days too!

Pants: // Top: // Denim Jacket: // Shoes: // Bag:

Life’s pretty hectic right now, but I am really trying to find the silver lining in everything I do, take every thing one day at a time and enjoy the little things. I am super type A (fun fact), so I often get caught up in little things that I loop together and make a big deal out of. However, I have a ton to look forward to, a lot to pursue and I am trying to keep a good attitude all while doing it.

I also know that no situation is forever and that very soon my situation could change, so that keeps me going and grounded. I look forward going to my dream job at the beginning of every week and that is really what keeps me going. Now that I’ve had a taste of my dream, I am salivating for more and won’t stop ’till I get it. Now THAT’S an attitude to have.

I hope this post helped you to learn more about me and what I’ve been up to! Thank you all for having patience since I have not been able to put as much time as I would nearly like to into my writing and blogging.

Talk soon!

XO, Rae


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