Get my fall eyes look!

Heyyyyy there everyone! Happy rainy Thursday to you all, I hope it’s treating you well.

I have this afternoon off, so I thought I’d pop on to write a post all about my fall makeup look and what I’ve been doing every day with my eyes! Tomorrow looks like it’s going to be the first chilly day (and stay that way) so what a better time than now?

Let’s get started.


I started off with a bare face of course—I washed it and moisturized before putting my makeup on.


Then, I did my face makeup, filled in my eyebrows and was ready to get to the eyes.


First thing to think of when you’re about to apply an eyeshadow look is primer! Some people use eyeshadow primer, some use concealer and some use a facial primer—any of those options are good! I went with the Tarte face primer and put it all over my lid and underneath my brow.

Next, you’re going to pick your shadows. Today, I went with colors from the Nightingale Pretty Vulgar palette and it’s currently my favorite. You’re also going to consider your first brush for the look you’re trying to achieve. Since I wanted to do a smokey eye, I picked this pointed crease brush to start.

You’re going to first want to pick your crease/transition color so for my look, I chose this medium brown called Hide & Seek. You’ll see in the photo that it’s not too dark, and not too light. I then pick my next color that’s always a little darker than the first and apply that in my crease as well. You can keep going darker and darker for the crease, again, depending on what look you’re going for.

Next, I picked up a new brush that has more of a fluffiness to it, because I am going to apply my all over lid color and I want to blend it with my crease. I am loving the shade Pillow Fight because it has just the right amount of shimmer, and it’s super pigmented. You’ll see in the photo that the entire eye is starting to come together!

Next, I got a little darker in the crease because I thought my shadow color went a little into it and I wanted to deepen it up again. The best part about eyes is that you can keep playing until it’s the look you were originally going for! I then added a wing with some black liquid liner to make the edges look clean and solidify the look.

Next I am using an angled liner brush to apply shadow to my bottom lash line for a night time look. I am then going over my lashes with the Wander mascara!


Here’s the final look! I put on some purple lipstick to really make it a fall look and voila! I am out the door.

I hope you all liked this fun little tutorial—it’s nothing fancy but definitely helpful if you’re looking to amp up your shadow look.




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