Styleweek NE Fall 2018 Review + More!


Happy Sunday everyone! I hope you are all enjoying this FALL weekend that we are having, I know I am!

I had a really exciting day yesterday, and I would like to share the details of it with you.

I was nicely invited to cover this year’s Styleweek Northeast as press, so of course I had to go to not only show my support of these amazing local, New England designers, but also to take note and share my experience along with the designs I saw!

Let’s get right into it, shall we?

First things first, let’s chat about the stuff leading up to Styleweek because I think they could be of some use to you. I stayed at the La Quinta Inn in Warwick, RI which is about 5 miles outside of downtown Providence. I went to school in Rhode Island, so I know the area pretty well and opting to stay in Warwick was a cost efficient and smart place to stay. The hotel was pretty nice, and did the trick for the one day and one night that I was there.

After I checked in and got ready at my hotel, we (my boyfriend and I) made our way to our dinner reservations in Providence. I made us reservations at Red Fin Crudo + Kitchen using Open Table, and it was honestly one of the best parts of my night. The restaurant is adorable, accommodating and suuuuper yummy. We sat outside which was a wonderful idea…the weather was perfect and I think it’s going to be one of the last chances to dine outside this year. It is a traditional tapas style restaurant so we ended up getting plates like Empanadas, Cod Fish Tacos, Meatballs and dessert of course—all to share!

After dinner we headed over to the Rhode Island Convention Center where Styleweek was taking place. We waited a few minutes to get in, but once we were in, the fun really kicked in! We got a drink at the bar and toured around the Accessories Showcase that was happening for an hour before the show. The designers from the evening, from past evenings and even from seasons before were showcasing their accessories, merchandise and even clothing for onlookers to purchase or just look at! We had a nice time checking the place out, but ultimately couldn’t wait to take our seats.

Once we were in our seats, we waited for the show to begin! First to come out were designs by Clothes Horse Clothing.

The pieces from this collection were very fun, energetic and colorful! All the models sported the same hairstyle and the same red booties. When it came to the outfit, they mostly all featured something denim, a floral headwrap, a floral dress or kimono and animal print. The music was from the 80s and the vibe was really exciting!

Next to come out was Rose + Thread based out of New York.

The pieces from this designer were simple, yet elegant and very straightforward. The music was really fun and featured songs like ‘Filthy’ by Justin Timberlake. The outfit reminded me of things women can wear to work, out for a casual weekend or to get glammed up at night. The possibilities were endless with these looks, but it really came down to the fact that they were very simple pieces and were to be left up to one’s own interpretation and personal style.

After a short break, where we were able to get out of our chair and walk around the accessories showcase again, out came designs from Lalla Bee. It started with an intro video that was enticing and really showcased the designer’s inspiration and path to creating the pieces.

The video ended with the designer saying “I just want to create something beautiful.” Then, out walked a model wearing a floral red dress and it was dress after dress from then on out. All of the dresses had an intricate design element to them—some were long, some short, some fitted and some poofed out. Each and every one was so beautiful—just like the designer wished they would be!

Next up and last up were handbag designs from Kent Stetson. Kent is such a genius and truly has a vision, and I can say that because I’ve had a conversation with him before! I met Kent during my junior year of college, after I decided I wanted to write my journalism senior thesis on fashion. Since Kent is a designer, local to Rhode Island, it only made sense that I took a stop down to his shop in Pawtucket for a visit and a chat. Kent makes the most beautiful clutch bags that I would literally die for and each and every one are made by hand. Last year, Kent even had a pop up shop at Grand Central in New York City to sell his bags! He’s a true gem and really deserving of the final show of this year’s Styleweek NE. Check them out here:

Kent is so creative, so of course his pieces came down the runway in a verrrry interesting way. Yes, on robots and drones. Who needs models when you can have your custom made handbag carried down the runway using a drone!? Kent stole the show and the energy that filled the Convention Center was thrilling.


Thank you again to Styleweek for having me this year! It was such an exciting night, and I hope to be back soon! I hope everyone enjoys the rest of their Sunday, we’ll chat again this week!

Xo, Rae


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  1. I really enjoyed reading this post, you look so good too!


    1. Thanks so much!!!

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