My Favorite Transitional Mules

Happy Wednesday everyone!

How’s everyone’s week? Mine has been FAB! I just started a new position in New York City so I’m very excited and eager to be there. It’s been a lot of fun so far and I’m learning a lot. I was thinking of starting a segment on here called Commuting Diaries since I currently 2.5 hours per day, each way to get to work! What better way to pass the time on the train than to blog? I thought so, nothing! I’m thinking of recapping interesting parts of my day, stories about commuting (I am sure I’ll have many) and just anything on my mind as I am on the train. It might be a lifestyle, motivational, uplifting but comical part of my blog. Plus, it’ll help me pass the time and that is needed.

Today, however I wanted to keep talking about fall style! We’re currently in this like transition period and I have a love hate relationship with it. I love that I can pair a sweater with a pair of shorts or jeans with a sandal but I hate the fact that there are so many options and none at the same time…does that make sense? I don’t know if I even get it but you know what I mean! There’s so many options but it’s also cold in the AM and sweltering by the afternoon so…you know my dilemma—I know you do.

No matter the weather, let’s talk about my favorite transition shoe for summer into fall: the mule! I got a lot of interest on my last outfit post on Instagram where I was wearing tan mules and I got the idea to address that interest! I got these particular ones last year at Forever 21 and I (my idea of) splurged on them for I think $30. Well, I’m glad I did. They are SO comfortable, versatile and cute. The heel is itty bitty which is perfect for the work place or out to a casual dinner. I love to pair them with jeans because it’s like an understated chic. They cover most of your foot but have an open toe so that’s we’re this idea of a transition shoe comes in. It’s like the best of both worlds: covered for fall and open toe for summer! Perf!

I’m going to link a couple of styles just like the ones I have on so that you can explore some options. Hurry you’re running out of transition time! Before you know it we’ll be in full on boots for 6+ months…joy.

Below I linked the mules! I couldn’t find ones exactly like mine but hopefully you get the idea, some inspiration and let me know if you find anything you love!

Faux Suede Mules Charlotte Russe

Velvet Crushed Heel: Forever 21

HM Mules in Yellow

Qupid Pointed Toe Mules from Charlotte Russe

Till next time, XO Rae


2 thoughts on “My Favorite Transitional Mules

  1. Great post, really loving those HM mules and the Qupid mules!

    xoxo Kristen Sehn


    1. Thank you so much!! ❤


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