My Most + Least Worn Items in my Closet


Happy Sunday everyone! I hope everyone is enjoying this summer weekend—they are numbered for sure!

Today I wanted to write a cool post that I think a lot of you will be interested in reading—My Most and Least Worn Items in my Closet! I think we can all identify with the fact that our closets (those beasts) are FILLED and with stuff that we automatically go to and thennnnn there’s the stuff that we almost never wear…but can’t get rid of!

Let’s dive right in! I broke it down to categories: my most and least worn: skirt, dress, pair of shorts, shirt, jacket, shoe, purse and earring! There are obviously more shirts that I wear a lot and more pants, but looking at my closet in the moment today, this is what I pulled!


Most: Blush Blazer and White Tank | Least: Stripped Crop Tie Front

Most: Picking a most worn shirt was really hard for me, that’s kind of why I have shirt and jacket combo going on here. I don’t know that this white tank is the MOST worn shirt ever, but I do wear it often! It is really nice quality, it’s flowy and I like that the color is a little more off white. This blazer, of course I wear it all the time, winter and summer. I love the color, its just the right amount of oversized and it works with a lot of tank tops!

Least: Okay so this shirt is SUPER cute! However, I’ve never worn it out! I got it in the winter on sale at Charlotte Russe and was so in love with it. Unfortunately, I didn’t try it on when I bought it so I didn’t realize the fit on me. I do enjoy the fit, but I feel like there are limited places I can wear it because it is so short and the top tends to be a little more open than I am comfortable with. It is the shirt that I am wearing in the photo at the top and I love it. Who knows, now that I found a pair of pants that I like with it, maybe I’ll wear it more!


Most: White Denim Ankle Pants | Least: Denim Bermuda Shorts

Most: We all know these white ankle pants are my go-to so this is NO surprise. I do really want to upgrade these pants, I’ve had these for so long but for now, they work!

Least: I do like these pair of Bermuda shorts, but I got them last year and there weren’t exactly what I originally wanted. Fortunately, this summer I got a pair of jean Bermuda shorts that are exactly what I wanted last year so these ended up essentially getting replaced. I still wear them from time to time, but I definitely like my more distressed ones from Forever 21 better. To see those ones, click HERE!


Most: Denim Jacket | Least: Olive Green Jacket

Most: It’s a funny story about this jean jacket—I stole this from my mom! I am sure I just wanted to wear it once, but then once turned into a ton of times and well, now it lives in my closet! She knows about it and is okay with it so we still share it sometimes.

Least: This jacket is giving me fall vibes and that’s usually when I wear it. However, this year I am thinking about getting rid of it because it’s just not my style anymore and I think I can get something like it, but more upgraded. I’ve had this jacket since high school! It served me well for a long time, but it’s definitely the least worn jacket in my closet.


Most: Yellow Denim Mini | Least: Mauve Wrap Front Midi

Most: This is a really fun skirt and I have been wearing it a lot this summer. With any neutral top, or printed top, it really works. I think the detailing of the zip front adds a lot of character, and that’s why I gravitate to it a lot.

Least: This was my FAV skirt for the longest time! It was $10 at Charlotte Russe (I remember) and I was over the moon. I wore it a lot in the summer of I believe 2016, and it was definitely my go to if I was looking to get dressed up. However, nowadays I am never pulling it out of my closet. It may be that I am over it but then I question why I don’t get rid of it…what do you guys think!?


Most: Nude Short Sleeve Midi | Least: Off the Shoulder Denim

Most: This dress is honestly just so versatile and I think that’s why I pull it for many occasions. It’s good for a backyard BBQ, out to dinner or even a more formal event if you decide to dress it up. I got it last summer at Ivy and Leo and wore it well into the fall! I can’t wait to keep wearing this dress.

Least: I’ve worn this dress a couple times so it got a little bit of wear! However, lately I haven’t been gravitating towards this. I think after washing it, it got a little short so that is one of the reasons I don’t go for it. Another reason why is because every time I try it on, it just hangs on me. I need a little material belt to go with it so I can accentuate my waist, or else it just doesn’t do anything special for me. I really wish I liked this more, but there are too many factors about it that I don’t like.

Shoe / Sunglass / Jewelry

Most: Black | Least: Brown

Most: These shoes are so comfortable and make the transition to fall so easy. I adore them and never want to get rid of them! However, they are starting to get a little worn looking so hopefully I can polish them up. The glasses are all the buzz right now. I love the shape of them on and off my face and I think they are very in style. I think I got them at Charlotte Russe for $4?! These earrings are my FAV. I am loving the statement earrings lately and I can’t get enough of these.

Least: So I don’t wear these shoes because they hurt SO bad. Right where it cuts on my toes actually kills and I cannot bear to wear them for more than 15 mins. I am waiting for somewhere to go that I don’t have to walk at all and then I will maybe consider it. That opportunity has not presented itself yet, so they don’t get a lot of wear. I got these sunglasses last year for I think $5 in the Cape and I thought they were so cute. I still think they are, however, I just don’t pick them up!! I am really hoping this post will help me to stay aware of the items I have so I can start wearing them more but we will see! These earrings are also super cute, but again, I don’t pick them up. I am hoping to more because there’s no reason I don’t grab them!


Most: Black | Least: Brown

Most: I got this bag when I studied abroad in Italy, so it is very near and dear to my heart. Regardless of it’s important to me, I love the shape of this bag and the fact that it has a long and short strap. You can’t tell from the picture, but the zipper goes from one end to the other completely!

Least: I love this bag, but again I used to use it all the time and now I just don’t think it is my style! However, I am using it in the photo at the top and it looks really good so maybe I will start wearing it again! I love the studs and the color of the bag so let’s hope!


That’s all I have for now! I hope you all liked this type of post, I had a lot of fun taking the photos and writing it! Let me know in the comments what you all do about not wearing everything in your closet. What about the stuff you don’t wear but can’t get rid of for one reason or another!?



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