One Year Serious Blog-iversary


Serious blog-iversary. What’s that?

Today is August 24 and it’s my one year serious blog-iversary! I’ve owned and operated my blog for four (almost 5) years now BUT I did not keep up with it or write as much OR be half as serious as I have been with it this past year.

I am so grateful that something clicked in my head a year ago that this blog could actually be the most amazing hobby, creative release and past time in my life…it’s been the most fabulous and fun journey.

I’ve written this before, but I’ll say it again—I started this blog my freshman year of college so that I could have a space where I could write about what I wanted to write about whenever. It has grown into my biggest passion and has opened so many doors for me! I could have never imagined that my blog would turn into something that I could put down as experience on my resume or attend events because of or even get sent things in the mail! My expectation for my blog was so low that I am really thankful for every opportunity that has come from it.


No matter the awesome tangible things that have come from my blog, the foundation of why and how it exists still holds true, I am just more serious about it now! Though my readership on here has skyrocketed since my first post (well, to me it has), and my following on Instagram has increased, what really makes my day is when just one person will reach out and let me know that because of one of my pictures or something I wrote, they decided to try a different style or go out of their comfort zone with an outfit or try a beauty product I recommended. It’s the littlest things that make me the happiest and honestly, just being able to sit down and devote an hour or two to writing! Writing for me is like therapy and self care. My background is in writing (I graduated with my BA in journalism) so anytime I can combine that with something I love (fashion and beauty) I am a happy camper.


I’ve gone out of my personal comfort zone because of my blog and for that, I am forever grateful. I’ve tried new styles, met people that I connected with online and traveled to places that I might not have had it not been for my blog (a true definition of do it for the ‘gram)! Every time I do something new or meet someone, I have the chance to advance my writing, grow my photography skills and network! It is truly an awesome past time and something that makes me happy and that’s all I can ask for!


THANK YOU to all that have been following along since the beginning and to those who are new here. I am wishing MYSELF a happy one year serious blog-iversary because it’s quite the feat. Sticking with something, being honest and doing it FOR YOU BY YOU is notable for sure. Cheers to this year and many more. The blogging life can get stressful at times, but it’s these moments of reflections that remind me why I stand out in 100 degree weather, with people watching, decked out in hair and makeup JUST to take a photo!


ps. a year ago, click HERE to see the post I wrote and below, a few pictures from my first serious photoshoot! I enjoy looking back and reflecting to see how far I’ve really come in just one year.


3 thoughts on “One Year Serious Blog-iversary

  1. Congratulations!! Your dress is gorgeous.


    1. Thank you so much!! 💓💓💓

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Congratulations!! I have just started. Way to go.
    Please check out my site


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