How I Maintain my Long Natural Nails


Hey everyone!

Today I wanted to talk about my nails because I get a lot of questions about them! I shamelessly will stop into the nail salon from time to time to get an occasional regular manicure for the sole reason that the nail technician usually compliments me on my nails…. (: Modest, I know!

All jokes aside, I really do get questions on how I keep them so long. They’re 100% mine and usually don’t have gel polish on them!

Well, I am here to say that I really don’t do much. I pay attention to my hands and my nails and what I do with them on a day to day basis. For instance, I won’t do something that will deliberately make me break a nail—because there’s usually another way around it anyways. I think if you’re using your nails to open something it’s probably out of laziness and there’s definitely a gadget or tool for that. Don’t get me wrong..I don’t avoid things because of my nails, but I definitely don’t go out of my way to use them to do stupid things!

I shape, trim or file them at least once a week just to keep in check with them. Just by paying attention to the quality of your nails can really help the success of their length. I will cut down one that looks like it might break (usually my index finger on my right hand) and file it square. Even if one of your nails is a little shorter than the others, as long as it’s shaped the same, no one will notice and it’s better than risking it break and then you’re really in trouble!

I go to the nail salon maybe once every month or two just to keep them in check. I enjoy painting my own nails because it’s almost therapeutic to me…and it’s a major way to save money! However, stopping in to the salon from time to time can really help the longevity of your nails. They can give you a nice, healthy cut (kind of like getting a trim at the hair salon) and file them to actual perfection. From then on, you can take them into your own hands (no pun intended) and go from there.

Having long nails can be fun but also a bit restricting depending on what you do on a day-to-day basis. If you’re looking to maintain your natural nails, give my tips a try. However, if you’re all about the acrylic and gel lifestyle, more power to ya! An acrylic mani is always perfection and is definitely really fun.



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