Spots I’ve Taken Outfit Pics In CT!


Hi everyone and Happy Monday!

Today I am sharing some of the spots that I’ve had luck taking photos at in the past. For bloggers, you have to have this shield over you when you’re taking pics because 9/10 times there will be either one or more people staring at you while you strike a pose. I have honestly gotten over it and it never really bothered me that much in the first place. It’s like yeah, I have a good outfit on, this is a cool background and I’m trying to grow my blog…is that cool with you? If not, keep walking. If you’re interested, here take my business card!

That leads me to WHERE these places are! I am based in CT, so most of these places are in Connecticut or surrounding areas. I hope this helps!

Somethings that sparks my interest in a photo spot are:

  1. Is it a cool wall or door
  2. Is it colorful or neutral and what am I looking for based on the outfit I am wearing
  3. What is going to be in the photo besides me and this background? A bench? A plant? A fire hydrant? A sign? Assessing these things can make you either love the spot or keep looking.
  4. Do I want to be able to stand or sit?
  5. What potential factors can go into ruining this photo given this background (ie: too many people, cars, a trashcan, etc.)

Personally I love walls and doors or street shots so that is what you will mostly see in these! I will put the town or location as the caption for each photo I post below.

Happy picture taking xoxo: check it out below!

New Haven / Milford / Westport

Crown St. New Haven outside of BAR
Crown St. New Haven outside of BAR
Downtown Milford – I loved the subtle pink of the storefront behind me!
Downtown Milford – I loved this door!
Downtown Milford – I really liked this fence, it went with my look
Downtown Milford – these stairs were awesome and different (it also allowed me to sit and change up my pose!
Downtown Westport CT – this bench was different and the black storefront contrasted my outfit
Downtown New Haven – I loved the accent of the black door against the tannish building
Downtown New Haven – this wire door stood out to me! I like standing kitty corner so that I can get a mix of textures in a photo
Downtown New Haven (Crown St. across from BAR) – this door..I mean does it get any cuter!?

Wallingford / Southington / Cheshire / Middletown

Downtown Wallingford in one of the alleyways 
Wadsworth Falls Mansion in Middletown CT
Wadsworth Falls Mansion in Middletown CT
Downtown Wallingford in the alleyway
Downtown Wallingford in the alleyway by Half Moon Cafe
Paradise Hills Vineyard in Wallingford CT
Gouviea Vineyard in Wallingford CT
Main St. in Middletown CT
At one of the elementary schools in Wallingford LOL (I liked the brick and it’s close to me!!)
Cheshire Coffee front door in Cheshire, CT
Somewhere off Main St. in Southington
Main St. Southington CT
Downtown Wallingford CT in one of the alleyways
At a Wallingford Elementary school again! LOL! The plants are so cute…I need to go back
My house (:
Cheshire Coffee in Cheshire, CT
Main Street in Wallingford Center

New York City

The Butcher’s Daughter Soho
Little Italy



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