Bedroom decor: see my faves from MY room!


So lately I’ve been obsessed with bloggers showing their readers their apartments and I wanted to do something like that myself!

While I currently live at home, since I just graduated college, I still have my own space and I really love it!

Throughout college my room went through a transformation—it seemed like every time I came home on break, something about my room was different! One time, if you can believe it, my parents had painted my room a dusty pink! After the initial shock of my room being a different color set in, I actually really loved it.

During the winter in my senior year, my mom and I started going to Marshall’s and Burlington to see what we could find for my new, very grown up bedroom. I think what we found (and are still finding) are awesome pieces that I will hopefully have and cherish no matter where I move in the future.

Let me take you on a tour of my most favorite parts of my room at home!

My bed and the STYLE wall art I have above it!

This is one of my favorite areas because it is kind of the biggest thing in my room. When my bed is actually made (actually), it looks really nice and ties my entire room together. I opted for a simple, gray comforter with some texture to it because it allows the other parts of my room to be a little more detailed, without looking too busy.

My storage/display bureau


This is actually my favorite part of my room and the newest addition to my room! I got this green cabinet probably around a year ago now, and I think it is awesome. I did a blog post: HERE about how I organize all my products—and from that, you can see how I use this on a day-to-day basis. Though I love it for it’s storage capacities, I love it even more for how I’ve decorated the top of it. I am obsessed currently with fashion books, and I got one for my birthday and one for X-mas this past year. I though, what better way to display them than on top of this lovely furniture!? You’ll also see my perfumes, favorite jewelry to display (and also what I wear the most) and my beloved lipsticks! I can never have too many.

My bedside table


I try to keep this area pretty bare when it comes to decorations and such because it tends to get really crowded with cups and snacks from when I am watching TV (lol) but I enjoy the simplicity of it too when it is nice and clean. I got the sign above it from my parents for graduation and I absolutely love it!

My desk


Does anyone just not use their desk? I mean, I am using mine right now because I am currently washing my sheets, but if I weren’t, I would totally be cuddling up with my laptop and a bunch of pillows. Either way, my desk is where I keep my little notes to myself, my files and a desk calendar that keeps me grounded.

My full length mirror/dress form


This little area of my room is super cute too! When I have an event I will dress up my dress form and see how it looks—it is more fun than trying it on myself and then putting it back into my closet to never see again! Next to it I have a mirror (from college, so it’s not the best) with my sunglasses at the foot of it all lined up for me to grab a pair before I head out.

The top of my bookcase


Here is where I keep my most favorite photos and my big ‘R’ that houses wine corks! I love that ‘R’ and I am glad to keep adding to it! This area sits so high that it’s important to keep it clean and have my best stuff up there.

My closet


Ahh, the closet. Though I wish it were bigger, this was the best I could do! It does fit all of my summer clothes (my winter ones chill in a box until it’s time) and my shoes. It even has room for some junk too and my hamper…so I cannot complain! I actually prefer not to have all of my clothes from every season out at the same time because I think that would be both overwhelming and confusing. I may change my mind when I finally get the walk in closet of my dreams (some day). I am thinking of doing a closet tour…let me know in the comments if you’d be interested in seeing that! Ps. if you see that fuzzy jacket and think, summer clothes? I do keep my light jackets hanging towards the back all year because well, there’s no where else for them ATM.

*Not pictured, my entire bookcase (featuring boxes of bathing suits, hats, scarves, some books and some trinkets from my childhood), my dresser (featuring a couple jewelry boxes, a couple picture frames and jewelry dishes) and my jewelry case (you can catch a glimpse of it, it’s white in the photo with my bedside table!)

This was fun!


2 thoughts on “Bedroom decor: see my faves from MY room!

  1. Nicole’s Niches August 13, 2018 — 9:48 pm

    I would love to see a closet tour!!


    1. Yes!! I will try and get something up like that. I have an idea in mind that’s like a deep dive into my closet in a way. Thanks for reading!! 💓 if you’re on Instagram, check me out @breakfastatraes by the way! I’d love to connect there.

      Liked by 1 person

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