Sensible AND cute? Here’s how!

Hi everyone!! Happy Saturday!

On a random note, this is the first time I am writing a blogpost from my that wired? Do other people do this? Either way, I’m here today with some insight into dressing sensible AND cute at the same time!

Ever taken a day trip and thought, jeeze, ‘I really want to be cute but I feel like I have to wear sneakers and something that I’ll be able to move in.’ Me too!! However, the other thought that goes through my head is, ‘Okay, I’ve accepted that I have to be sensible, but why can’t I be cute too?’ There’s no such thing as one or the other, and I have some super fun tips as to how I come up with outfits that work for both!

  1. You have to wear sneakers: FINE! Wear them! There are plenty of sneakers out there that make for a cute and relaxed look. I simply did a Pinterest search the day before my NYC day trip and wrote ‘cute outfits with sneakers’ and BOOM instant inspo!! Ps. Slide ons of any kind are always a good option because they have support AND style. If you are flat footed however, it could be a problem since there is ZERO arch support. I picked up these super cute pair from Macy’s Backstage!
  1. You just want to wear a T-shirt and be relaxed because you’re walking around: do it! Pairing a T-shirt with something like a mini skirt, (or even a midi or maxi!!) can be really fun and a nice challenge for you to figure out a look outside your comfort zone. I also like to pair a graphic tee with white jeans, distressed denim Bermuda shorts or under a lace-y tank dress!
  1. You want to wear a backpack: awesome!! There are so many cute small backpacks out there—I just saw a TON at Marshall’s now that it’s ‘back to school’ (it’s really not, but if the commercials say it is, then I guess it is) either way, take advantage of that back pack stock even if you aren’t going back to school and get yourself a cute backpack for travel days!
  1. You want to wear your hair up: No one ever said that if your hair is in a high pony or a messy bun that all bets are off for a cute outfit. Play into your hairstyle and create a look that compliments it! You can do a high pony, statement earrings, jean shorts and a simple tank and have a totally chic outfit with little effort and super sensible.
  • I hope these tips help with the idea that just because you need to dress sensible for a long day away from your house, it doesn’t mean that you still can’t add your own personal style and flare to the look. I wore the outfit pictured to NYC one day, and it was perfect! I was comfortable and knew I had a cute look going on—it was a win, win. No blisters from uncomfortable sandals, no tugging at a tight shirt and the skirt was surprisingly ok during my long, hot day!
  • Ps. I don’t know that I’ll be writing a post from my phone ever again…my thumbs are super tired. How not sensible of me!!
  • XOXO, Rae
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    4 thoughts on “Sensible AND cute? Here’s how!

    1. Writing on phone gets quite uncomfortable for me…your style is so cool… loved this post


      1. Thank you so much!! It was uncomfortable, Deff not going to do it again!! 😂


    2. Cute outfit! I have tried writing a post on my phone, but like you….my thumbs ran out of juice. I kept losing the post too after pressing so many wrong buttons and links, (the phone and me just don’t get along haha!) and after a while I gave up. Kudos to you for finishing it all the way!!!


      1. Thanks so much!! And oh my the same thing happened to me. I kept pressing random buttons while trying to type. Lol oh well, it was an experience for sure! thanks for stopping by (:

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