Embroidered jeans—they’re back!


Good morning everyone!

It’s another hot hot day, so I’m staying inside and catching up on some work and crossing some things off my to-do list! I love days that I can just mentally organize my life (and my desktop)—it makes me feel put together, even if I am not!

I wanted to post today on my blog because I have really exciting news! I’ve teamed up with XO Mandy Sue, a boutique out of Newport, California to bring all of my readers and followers a discount code for their entire site. With the code RACHEL35 at http://www.xomandysue.com/ you can get 35% off your entire order! Their clothes are FAB, I posted a photo in the jumpsuit I got from them in THIS blog post, and here I am to talk about their Bedford Jeans—a personal favorite of mine.


I usually never order jeans online, but these were way too cute to pass up. So, there I was, ordering jeans online! It actually worked out for me, which is why I am confident if you wanted to order these jeans, they would work out for you too! I am wearing a size small, I do wish I went up one size, but it’s not a major problem, they work for me!

When I was scrolling through their items, wondering which of these gorgeous pieces I wanted to order, I was so excited when I saw embroidered jeans. I don’t know about you guys, but when I was younger, I was a huge fan of any and all jeans that had a patch, an embroidery, jewels or anything that was an embellishment. Seeing the Bedford jeans on Mandy Sue’s website means they’re back IN and I am super pumped about it.


Since they do have the red and pink flowers on them, I opted for a white bodysuit on top. I paired the outfit with my Steve Madden dupe heeled sandals from Forever 21 and was out the door! The jeans were a little warm for this time of year, but with the tank top body suit, it wasn’t that bad! Plus, the light wash of the jeans were perfect for this time of year.


Would you wear embroidered jeans again? Let me know in the comments!



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