Cool for the Summer


Hey allllll! What’s up?! It’s been SUPER hot here in CT. We just came off I think a 10 day heat wave. Even though it’s not technically a heat wave still, it’s super hot. I don’t even get what constitutes as a ‘heat wave’ I just know it’s a little too hot for my liking.

So because it’s warm, that means we have to dress like it’s warm, right?! I’m never too comfortable in shorts because they’re really annoying with my body type, but sometimes, ya just gotta do it. I found these shorts on SALE at Marshall’s for…$10! I was in the market for some white shorts, and these ended up being perfect.

I’ll only wear this top if the bottoms I’m pairing it with are high waisted enough, and these made the cut. I don’t care to parade around a crop top, but with the right outfit, the right weather, the right occasion and the right bottoms, it’s acceptable. I know, that’s a lot of precursors just to wear a crop top, but these are the things my 22-year-old self thinks about, as opposed to my 18-year-old self.


I got this top a couple months ago online from Forever 21, and I love the lettuce trim on it! I think the trim jazzes up this little top and makes it a bit more fashion forward. It was $12 at the time, and I had been looking for one so I didn’t mind spending a whole $12 on basically a glorified bra. HERE is the link to the top, they only have it in yellow right now, but I’m really into yellow this summer, so it would definitely be cute. (Links to all items below!)

On my feet are my go-to summer slides this year that I got at Charlotte Russe for $12. (of course now they’re on sale for $7!) They’re perfect for this look because it’s relaxed, but also definitely has an element of style to it.


For accessories and such, I did this cool watch that I have (shoutout to my friend Brig for letting me have this) and my go-to statement earrings that I actually found at Michael’s Craft Store. I have been wearing these earrings a lot lately because they are the perfect accessory to dress up an otherwise simple outfit. I always like to wear my hair back when I have them on because it makes them stand out a lot more.

That’s all I have for this cool summer look. My next post should have a discount code with it, so stay tuned!

Earrings: Similar—HERE
Top: Same but yellow—HERE
Shorts: Similar—HERE
Slides: Same but in white (they are all out of black but have TONS of colors on the side AND they’re on sale for $7 GO GO GO!!—HERE

Love y’all!



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