Repurpose your Dresses!


Hi everyone!

Today I am sharing a post I have been thinking about writing for a while, and it is about all the dresses I’ve turned into shirts over the years!

You know when you get a T-shirt dress on sale at Forever 21 or a store like it and you think, “this is so cute, and it’s really cheap too!” Well, that feeling lasts for…just about the first time you wear it and then never again after that.


Here’s the thing: you wash that 100% cotton dress and it shrinks SO much that it would be completely inappropriate to wear as a dress and also really uncomfortable to be sporting a shirt basically as a dress in public.

Luckily, I have a solution that will allow you to 1. keep the dress that you fell in love with and 2. make it super functional!


You will not believe the amount of times someone’s said, “wow, I really love your shirt.” Me, shamelessly telling them, “Thanks, it used to be a dress!”

Let’s have a look at a few I’ve done: (including the shirt (dress) in the image at the top of this post!!



Yep, all used to be super cute dresses. Now, they’re super cute shirts that are knotted in the front (which you don’t see to often, it’s a nice change).

I literally just gather all of the material to the front of my body, make a loop with it and tie it into a knot. Simple as that and there’s no throwing away dresses that are too small. Just simply tie em up, and you’ve got a shirt!

Short and sweet post, but I hope it made you think of other ways you can repurpose items in your closet that you still like, but can’t find a use for!






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