How I Shop on a Budget

Hi everyone! How are you all doing? I am almost at 100 followers here on WordPress and honestly, I cannot believe it. I am so excited you are all enjoying my content enough to follow along—so it means a lot to me!

Today I am sharing How I Shop on a Budget. My friends, family and sometimes people I don’t even know that well are always asking me, how do you have such nice clothes but you confess that you don’t spend a lot of money?

Well, I will let you in on my BIG secret. Here it goes (and you may think this is wacky, but it’s how ya girl stays on a budget): I have little price-points in my head for every article of clothing and if it meets that price-point or falls below it, I will usually get it (and that’s only if I am completely in love with the item or actually need it). If it’s above, well it better be a MUST HAVE or I am NOT getting it. Below I will share my price points for different clothing items that the price MUST fall below. *This is for everyday/weekend wear (meaning, if it is an important event, no, I don’t cap my dress price at $25.)*

Sweaters: I cap these bad boys out at $20

Jeans: $30

Shorts: $18

T-shirts/Basics: $8

Blouses: $15 or less depending on the style, material, sleeve length

Shoes (not including sneakers or dress shoes): $30

Dresses/Rompers/Jumpsuits: $25

Light/Seasonal Jackets: $25

Skirts: $15

Leggings: $5

That’s basically what I wear, I don’t think I am missing any major article of clothing! These price caps ensure that I am staying in the area of what I think they are worth, and it really all comes down to quality anyways. Of course some times these price points will shift, but for the most part, I like to stay within these boundaries that I set for myself.

Yes, it can be limiting and yes, that’s why most of my clothes are from Forever 21 or HM or Charlotte Russe, but at this time in my life I am looking for on-trend clothing that I do not want to spend too much money on. I am sure that when I get well into my career, these will all go out the window, but I am happy I have these boundaries set NOW so that later, I know what I think is worth it and not.

Honestly, I get some pretty good pieces that are high quality, on trend and within my price range with my price-points so I have not really ran into an issue. I am able to shop frequently because of them, so they are really working for me. Even if you aren’t thinking my price-points are where you would put them, that is okay! At least try it out with your own budget, because this is a valuable skill to have for any avid shopper.

How do you stay on budget when you shop, and have you ever tried setting price points for the articles you buy most? Let me know in the comments!



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