How I Organize My Makeup

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Hey there everyone! Today I am bringing you a blog post I have been wanting to write for a while, but it was never the right time!

Up until this past week, I lived at college in Rhode Island. That means that half my stuff was always at school, while the other half was at home. It bothered me sooooo much that my stuff was not all in the same place. However, now that I have moved back home while I job search, all of my stuff is in the same place again (haven’t had this feeling since highschool) and that includes all my makeup, hair and skin products! YAY!

All that being said, it was time to go through all of my stuff and see what I use, what I should use more and what I don’t use. By those categories, I was able to organize my things in their respective places in a way that works for my life. Let’s get started!

The bathroom:

Some people get ready in their room, some people in their bathroom—some both! Until now I got ready for the most part in my bedroom (I have an older brother, so in high school it wasn’t really an option to hog the bathroom at all times). However, now that the bathroom is mainly used my mua, I’ve since switched. The lighting is better, of course.

Since I get ready in the bathroom, that is where I put the products I use on a day-to-day basis.

The first picture is the top of my shelving, and that contains the brushes, makeup, moisturizer and spot treatment I use every day. I got all of these fun compartments from Marshalls (S/O to them!) even the cute brush holders that say ‘Flawless.’ on them!

The next picture features the next two shelves. The first compartment contains the makeup I don’t wear every day, but will pull out for a special occasion or if I want to switch it up. I mainly should be taking this makeup out from time to time because why have makeup if I am not going to wear it?! The next compartment in the basket looking box is the hair stuff I use everyday: brushes, combs, clips, bobby pins and hair ties. The last compartment that you cannot see to well from the photo holds the stuff that won’t fit anywhere else: hair dryer, a HUGE hairspray and a very large bottle of dry shampoo (can I get a yes).

The third photo shows the entire display together and how it looks in my bathroom. I really like having full access to all of this stuff.

(Still the bathroom, yes)

This stuff is located in a drawer under the sink in my bathroom. It’s the stuff that if I don’t use in a year, it’s getting thrown away, donated or given away. I mean, come on, really who needs all of this!?! I will say, being that I subscribe to Ipsy, a lot of this stuff is from there, so it’s not like I went out and purchased all of this stuff that I don’t use.

The bedroom:


I got this stunning chest in my room probably 8 months ago, and if you follow me on Instagram, you know my obsession with it. Every time I look at it it seems like I have to snap a pic for my Instagram story because it’s just that gorgeous. Inside of it is yes, more stuff.


Let’s talk about the top of it though, shall we?! On it I keep: a stack of fashionable books that I am working on starting a collection of (S/O to my bestie and my parents for helping me start this collection). On top of the books are perfumes that I wear daily. Next to the books on the right is where I feature all of my lip products in this fun lipstick holder I found at Marshalls. After I get ready in my bathroom, I like to come into my room and apply my lipstick using that gorg white mirror above the chest. To the left of the books are the rings I frequent often in a jewelry dish and fun statement earrings that I think are cute to have on display.

To the inside:


It has two long shelves that I think are perfect for little boxes to store things.

I have boxes for: 1. my hair stuff that I do not use all the time (wave spray, an extra hairbrush, little elastic ties, etc.) 2. makeup bags from Ipsy (what do I do with them you ask? NOTHING but they’re too cute to throw away!!) 3. nail polish (I am an in-home mani type girl so, yes, I need this many colors) and 4. skin care products that I’ll use once and a while (lotion that I am not currently using, face masks that I do once a week, etc.)

On the bottom shelf I store body sprays, my magazines (yes, I am a magazine junkie) hair tools that I don’t use often (waver & wand) and my digital camera.

This was a long one, but I think it was pretty fun! It has been a long time coming with both gathering makeup and hair things (this didn’t happen over night) and learning how I want them organized in a way that fits my day-to-day life. So far it is working for me, and I like that my set up allows for me to access products that I don’t use often yet should. Now, whether or not I do is a whole other story.

How about I keep you all posted?

What ways do you organize your products and what works for you? Let me know in the comments!





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