My newest finds + purchases


Hi everyone! Long time no blog! Today I wanted to share my newest finds and purchases because well, I have been using these 4 things religiously! I love when I purchase something and it really impacts my every day life, because that means it was an investment. I almost laugh at the word investment because I never purchase anything over $20…but for me, investment.

Let’s start with the shoes! I went on Charlotte Russe’s website because I absolutely love their shoes, and I already know they have great prices. Sure enough, I found two pairs of sandals (the same pair, two colors) and they were each around $12.00. I added them to my cart and purchased them. A week later they showed up to my doorstep and I think I’ve worn one color or the other every day since. I hadn’t bought a new pair of flat sandals since probably four years ago, so it was definitely time. I highly recommend finding a style you like and purchasing both brown and black, because it makes pairing them with outfits that much easier.

SIMMILAR STYLES from (these ones are SOLD OUT!)


Next, I’ll chat about the perfume. I was browsing around Marshalls (per usual) when I came across some perfume. I was sniffing around and BAM, smelled this one that I absolutely had to have. Even better? It was only $12!!! The perfume has nodes of Bergamot, Tobacco Flower and Amber. It smells so sophisticated and I love to wear it as an every day perfume. The brand is Illume and the scent is Amber Dunes. I LOVE this!

Lastly, I got a coupon at CVS for 40% which, wow…for CVS that’s amazing. I knew I wanted to spend it on something special and something that would make the coupon worthwhile. With an event I had coming up, I decided to go with an eyeshadow palette by Maybelline so I went with the City Mini x Shayla palette. The colors are gorgeous and just what I was looking for. There is a lighter shade, two golden shimmer shades, a deep peach, a burgundy and then a black shade. Honestly I loved every second of this palette and the look I used it for came out so good and it was really fun. The palette is originally $10 at CVS and I got it for $6 with my coupon!

My look the other night using the City Mini x Shayla Palette!

This was a fun little check in, I like to feature the products I purchase that work for me. I am so happy that each of these products are being incorporated into my everyday life too. 

‘Till next time!



2 thoughts on “My newest finds + purchases

  1. Finally got around to checking out your blog!! I’m the worst but YOU look gorgeous in this post!! I must confess–I am also a bargain shopper and am the exact same way when it comes to shoes! Can’t wait for your next post!! xo

    Liked by 1 person

    1. rachelbimonte May 16, 2018 — 4:39 pm

      Thank you so much!!! Glad we will be keeping up with each others posts 💓 gotta love a bargain! Xoxoxo


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