Sunnies I’m Obsessed With Lately


Hi everyone + Happy Sunday!

I hope you all had a nice weekend—I sure did! The weather was amazing, so it got me thinking a LOT about sunglasses that I like lately.

Recently I have been following Youtuber Alex Garza, and her content is FAB! I will link her channel here: if you like her stuff, subscribe! She puts out awesome videos and one of them, featuring stuff she buys on Amazon, had those amazing glasses in the photo above. When I saw that she wears them, I had to have them. Plus, they’re super cute and different than the sunnies I normally wear. With a really chic outfit, they could totally work. I am not saying I’ll wear them every day, but at the right time they’re really fun.

Of course the second I purchase these, I see an article on Facebook featuring “Retro Sunglasses you’ll be seeing a lot more of” and it has the pic of these EXACT glasses, but with white on the rim…oh well! Trends catch up to us all eventually.

In addition to these glasses featured, below are some other styles I have been loving.


Screen Shot 2018-04-29 at 7.47.03 PMAviators are my go-to and have been for a long time. I really like how they look on my face and I think they go with any outfit—dressed up or down. They’re not too heavy and usually are made with thin wire. Here’s a picture of them from the website Quay, and they’re called “High Key x Desi Perkins”. I don’t personally have any glasses from this site, but I really want some. The link to them is HERE.


Cat Eye

Screen Shot 2018-04-29 at 7.49.54 PMI like the Cat Eye sunglass look as long as they aren’t too dramatic. The ones are are rimless, and I think that is a nice touch. If the shape of the glasses is wacky, then you probably don’t want too much embellishment when it comes to the rims or any extra things on them. I also think the bigger the cat eye, the better. The smaller frame cat eye glasses are a lot when you look at them, but the bigger ones let the shape of the glasses spread out more. Here’s the link to these on Forever 21 HERE.



Screen Shot 2018-04-29 at 7.54.39 PM.pngRounded sunglasses can be cute as long as you have the right outfit with them. If you’re just chilling in your sweats or leggings, they could look a little off. However, if you have the right look, they could be really fun! I have a pair of brown ones that I bought last summer at a boutique in Cape Cod and I love them! I haven’t worn them since the summer, but I am sure I’ll be bringing them back out this year—once it gets a little warmer. The ones in the photo are from Forever 21, and here is the link to them HERE.


Sunglasses can really add a lot to any look—and the best part is that they’re all different. Me and my friends all have different taste in sunglasses, so it is fun to see who wears what and when. I have a beloved pair of Raybans at home that my boyfriend got me, and I adore them. They are the ONLY expensive pair of glasses I own. When I feel like switching up my look or adding something a little different to my outfit, I will pull out a cheap pair of fun glasses. What’s your go-to pair?



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