My Three Favorite Stores and Why

Blazer & shoes from Charlotte Russe, Jeans from Zara and tank from Marshalls (I think!!?) Sunglasses from Forever 21 which I LOOOOVE! Colourpop on the lips xo

Hi everyone!

Lately when I come up for an idea for a post, I think to myself, would this headline make me want to read the article? I think it is a really useful tactic for writers to do because if I myself wouldn’t read it, what would make my readers want to?

With this in mind, I am channeling a LOT of the questions I get asked by my friends and acquaintances. My friends always ask me what stores I shop at, where I get my clothes and how I get them for so cheap. (Shopping the sales will be its own post!)

For now, let’s get into my three favorite stores to shop at — or shall I say, the three stores I shop at the most, that do the job, are trendy and affordable.


  1. Forever 21

Forever 21 is always on trend, its affordable but it also has splurge-able pieces and it has a killer sale rack. Not to mention, there is a wide variety of clothing in store and online, so you’re probably never leaving with at least one thing that caught your eye, even if you don’t need it.

Anytime I am looking for something super trendy and new to all of the stores, I head to Forever 21’s website. If you go to and click on their New Arrivals page, you’ll definitely see some stuff that is on trend that you didn’t even know was on trend.

I have these little price points in my head articles of clothing, and if I don’t think a shirt or a pair of shorts is worth that little price point in my head, I won’t buy it. (We are getting into shopping the sales a little, but how can I not bring up price when talking about Forever 21!?)

Some of my most trendy items have come from Forever 21, but I also have a lot of staples from them (denim shorts, sandals, booties, jeans and my FAVE white turtleneck). Below I will show you 6 items that are available on forever21.come that I would buy (with their prices) to show you what I mean about trendy, yet affordable.

  1. Stripped Faux Suade Heels: $32.90 | CLICK HERE TO SHOP
  2. Distressed Bermuda Shorts: $28.00 | CLICK HERE TO SHOP (I just bought these!)
  3. Stripped Crepe Capri Jumpsuit: $10.00 | CLICK HERE TO SHOP (going fast!!)
  4. Open Front Duster Jacket: $19.00 | CLICK HERE TO SHOP
  5. Strapless Lemon Print Bodysuit: $8.90 | CLICK HERE TO SHOP (I just bought this!)
  6. Amore Graphic Crop Top: $9.90 | CLICK HERE TO SHOP

unnamed           2. H&M

H&M is the second on my list of favorite stores. I get a different vibe from HM than I do from Forever 21 or any other “trendy” store for that matter. Don’t get me wrong, HM does have current pieces that are in style, but they have a lot of other stuff too.

When I need a basic white or black tee, a cami or anything neutral, I think of HM first. I have gotten all of my white and black long sleeves and short sleeves there—they have the best prices for stuff like that. Other things I’ve gotten at HM that I love? My favorite big, winter sweater, my black chunky booties and this amazing glitzy black jacket. I will add photos of all three below. HM is awesome in the winter—their sweaters are big, cozy and comfy—but they don’t break the bank. HM has a good denim shop too, and they have a ton of graphic tees that aren’t too cheesy (Forever 21 can get cheesy with their graphic tees).

Another component of HM that I love is the fact that they have business casual clothes! Again, though they have work pants and blazers, their prices aren’t breaking the bank, and they’re super stylish! Whenever I go into an HM, they always have the work clothes on one side, and the more causal or trendy clothes on the other—that makes it super simple to separate the store in your mind and only shop for what you need. Below I will show photos of clothing items I would purchase at HM right now so you can see what I mean!

  1. Wide cut pants in Black: $18.99 | CLICK HERE TO SHOP
  2. Tie-Hem T-shirt in Yellow/Let it Be: $12.99 | CLICK HERE TO SHOP
  3. Lace top in black: $14.99 | CLICK HERE TO SHOP
  4. Long Jacket in Light Blue: $34.99 | CLICK HERE TO SHOP
  5. Sleeveless Jumpsuit in Dark Grey: $17.99 | ClICK HERE TO SHOP
  6. Platform Sandals in Bright Red: $34.99 | CLICK HERE TO SHOP



         3. Charlotte Russe

This next pick was a hard one—I didn’t really know if Charlotte Russe was my third favorite store, or should I say, it didn’t come as easy to me as the first two did. I would have gladly picked either Marshall’s or TJ Maxx or Macy’s Backstage—but I feel like I wouldn’t have been able to pick between those either (and they are kind of in their own category/everyone loves those stores).

So here I am, I arrived at Charlotte Russe for my third favorite store. I will say, I am not a huge fan of them online, I feel like they don’t have the same amazing sales that they have in the store as they do online. However, when I get in that physical store, I go crazy!!

They have sale racks that start at $15 and up, $10 and up and sometimes even $6 and down. I remember I went in there about a week before Christmas this year and got probably 10 tops off the $6 and down rack. Don’t get me wrong, you do have to dig, and sometimes the clothes are ripped or stained on that rack but when they aren’t, you’ve basically hit the jackpot.

The clothes in this store are also super trendy, so that’s why I will never buy something too expensive—I just never know if it is going to go out of style in one season or not. The other thing I LOVE about CR is their jeans!! Let me tell you, over the past probably 2 years, they’ve stepped up their denim game, and for a good price. Sometimes they’ll do all denim $20 and it’s awesome because their jeans fit me like a glove.

Gee, I guess I really do love Charlotte! Below are some finds on their website that I would buy RN if I could…just to show you an example of their selection and what I would pick from it!

  1. Qupid Ankle Strap Scallop Sandal: $20 (Orig. $35!)| CLICK HERE TO SHOP
  2. Machine Jeans Destroyed Mid-Rise Flare: $37 | CLICK HERE TO SHOP

  3. Smocked off the shoulder Top: $23 | CLICK HERE TO SHOP
  4. Floral Wrap Tie Skater Dress: $27 | CLICK HERE TO SHOP
  5. Crochet Trim Ruffle Shorts: $23| CLICK HERE TO SHOP
  6. Plaid Open Front Blazer: $37| CLICK HERE TO SHOP
  7. Polka Dot Halter Jumpsuit: $30 | CLICK HERE TO SHOP

These stores are all very similar, but clearly different based upon the pieces I grabbed from each site for examples. I love all of these stores, and they’re all college-budget friendly. Don’t get me wrong, I would LOVE to walk into Express or Urban or Madewell and pick anything I want out, but for my budget that is just not the case. I base my outfits all around what fits into my person style, and if I can afford it or not. These stores work for me right now, and definitely have some great finds, if you’re willing to search around for a bit!

I hope you enjoyed this post, it was something a bit different!







2 thoughts on “My Three Favorite Stores and Why

  1. Love H&M and cute outfit!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks so much!! H&M is the best


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