How I do my signature top knot


Different hair styles are SO fun to me! I think hair is such a challenge. Makeup can be learned, practiced and perfected to your liking; style takes years to build, but once you know what you like and what works for you, you’re golden. Hair, on the other hand is always a surprise.

I don’t know about you, but one day I can straighten my hair and it’ll look a certain way, and the next do the exact same thing and it can look completely different…what is with that?! Never mind curling my hair, that’s a shot in the dark, and so are certain updos, braids and ESPECIALLY top knots.

So, how do I get my signature top knot? Let’s get started!

*Disclaimer: I have REALLY thin hair, so although this process works for me, you may have to adjust it, based on the thickness of your hair!

The first thing you have to make sure of, is that your hair is 2 days unwashed or more and that it was NOT straightened before you go to do your top knot—it just will not work with straightened hair, at least for me.

Next, spray some of your fav dry shampoo on the top of your head and throughout the bottom of your head, and work it in with your fingers. I usually do this with my head flipped upside down! I am currently using Bed Head TIGI Dirty Secret Dry Shampoo and though I don’t love it, and probably won’t purchase it again, it does the job! Once the dry shampoo is in, I flip my head back upright and spray hairspray along the perimeter of my hairline. It may seem odd to spray before finishing your ‘do’, but I think this helps lock in any fly-aways before securing. The hairspray I am currently using and probably will use for a while (since the bottle is HUGE) is Bed Head TIGI Masterpiece Massive Shine.


Next, I flip my head back to upside down and brush all the sides of my head smooth—this is one of the most important parts because if you want smooth hair and no bumps, you must brush smooth! At the bottom of your hair, start to tease with either a brush or a comb. My Warren Tricomi brush has small bristles, and they’re perfect for teasing my hair so I opt for a brush. Once you have smooth hair at the top of your head, and wild, teased hair at the length of your hair, you’re ready to sculpt your bun.

With your head still flipped upside down, gather a pony tail, grasping the hair pretty tight—and put it as high as you want it to go. Take your brush again and brush the teased part GENTLY to smooth out what looks like knots, but is really volume from teasing. I then take my pony tail and twist it into what will be the top knot. I take a simple black hair tie and secure it around the bun 2-3 times (or as many as it’ll go). Make sure to have bobby pins on hand to fix any parts that aren’t smooth.

Bring back in the hairspray and spray it all over, to make sure that bun isn’t going anywhere. Sometimes I have to repeat the last step 2-3 times, and tease it a little more each time if it is looking flat, or like a birds nest. The volume should be within the bun, but the outer part that people see should have a smoothness about it.




Above are some of the times I’ve featured my top knot. As you can see, it looks different each time I do it. It can be annoying, but also a nice surprise. I never really know how my bun will come out on a given day. However, as long as my hair is nice and unwashed, not straightened and able to be teased, I know it’ll eventually come out.

Buns aren’t meant to be perfect—sometimes I’ll opt for a more undone look and pull out some of the baby hairs by my ears. Buns can absolutely be dressed up or down—some of my most fancy moments, I’ve worn a top knot!



1 thought on “How I do my signature top knot

  1. The top knot used to be my signature style before I went natural. You’ve got it down to a science! This is quite a tough style for many to master so kudos to you!

    Dom |

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