Stylin’ in Simone by HFX


Hi Gals & Guys!

Today I am here to chat about one of my most favorite spring jackets. HFX Performance let me try out a couple of jackets from their spring 2018 collection, and the Simone 365 Air Jacket is SUCH a hit!

If you’re like me, you have NO clue what to wear for a jacket in the spring time! Chilly in the morning, sweating by noon, and then chilly at night again. That problem that I always have has never been solved before. However, the Simone is making me confident that I can be comfortable all spring long, no matter the crazy weather throughout the day.

Ps. if you LOVE this jacket like I do, here’s the link to purchase: CLICK HERE *Scroll down to shop this entire look!*

Let’s get to the fit of it! The Simone is SUPER lightweight, but somehow still keeps a gal’s internal temperature in check. I don’t feel crazy warm when it’s on, but I am not cold either. As an added bonus, it blocks the wind and it’s water resistant! That means if you’re caught in some April rain, there’s no need to worry! The waist drawstring is adjustable so you can cinch it right where you want it. I’ve said it before, but I’ll say it again—I love how HFX’s jackets are so feminine! All a girl really wants is to have the option to be athletic, but still keep her womanly shape.


The jacket came down long enough, but not too long. Let’s just say, I felt comfortable wearing it with leggings because there was a lot of coverage. As for the hood—it is meant to be kept close to your head, so it is not so big that the wind will blow it off the second you put it on. The sides of the jacket are a knit material so you can move around comfortably.

You can definitely style this jacket with athleisure in mind—but I opted for a more outdoorsy look when I was styling it. I paired the Simone with my most comfy pair of olive green leggings, a simple, white long sleeve tee and Sperry rain boots. This jacket would also be cute with a workout outfit, jeans and tennis shoes or black leggings—the options are endless!

*Scroll down to shop my look!


img_1600 copy.jpg


HFX Performance Simone 365 Air Jacket: CLICK HERE

Olive Green Leggings: CLICK HERE

Long sleeve white tee: CLICK HERE

Sperry Duck boots: CLICK HERE



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