How I edit my Instagram Photos


Hi everyone!

I decided to do a screen recording of how I edit my Instagram photos because I only really use Instagram to edit my pictures. A lot of the time I hear of bloggers using multiple apps to edit and then taking the photo to Instagram, but I see no faults with Instagram’s editing tools!

I have this feeling that when I transfer a picture from app to app, that it loses a lot of its quality. However, if you minimize the amount of times the photo has to be transferred and uploaded again, it has a better chance of keeping its original quality. I don’t even know if that is true, but it feels like it is to me.

SO, with that in mind, below is HOW I edit my Instagram pictures using JUST Instagram! Watch the video below and then refer to the steps below the video for any qualifications on what I did.

  1. Always make sure your brightness is all the way up on your phone before you begin—you don’t want to be brightening an image that is already bright, just because your phone brightness is down
  2. I either make a new album for the photo I want to upload, or use the Favorites feature on the Photos app so I don’t get confused with which photo I actually want to post (you know, when you take 200 selfies and only ONE of them is good?) Make sure you can access that ONE good one
  3. When you open up Instagram and click to add a new photo, you can click at the top where it’ll most likely say ‘Camera Roll’ and change that to either the album that contains the photo you want to post, or if you just favorited it, then chose the ‘Favorites’ album that comes with the Photos app
  4. Next, decide whether or not your photo needs to be adjusted to fit the square size of Instagram, or if it is already square
  5. From there, I simply go to ‘Edit’ at the bottom, rather than ‘Filter’ and begin!
  6. I try to edit a lot of my photos the same, in terms of lighting and sharpness because that’ll add to a more inclusive Instagram feed. However, if photos are taken in different lighting or different environments, that’ll be the deciding factor on how I go about editing the photo itself
  7. I find that making a photo brighter (like you will see with the mimosas) makes it look clearer, sharper and just more eye catching
  8. I always down the warmth on my photos because I have cool tones going throughout my Instagram feed and if I need to up the saturation (different from warmth) I will—it always seems to enhance my skin tone, which is nice for these winter months
  9. My other favorite editing tools are the highlights and shadows—I like to play around with those a lot
  10. My most most MOST favorite tool is sharpening. Sharpening can bring a photo from a 6 to a 10 if you use it correctly — don’t get me wrong, some photos look TERRIBLE sharpened, but most of them look really good.
  11. Other tools that I dabble with but don’t use too much are: contrast (this is good sometimes, but can be harsh at other times!), adjust is really nice if your photo is not centered or tilted the way you want and color can be nice if you’re going for a certain color vibe. The other tools I didn’t mention, I just never use.
  12. When it comes to filters, I am pretty much just over them. Now that I see what I can do with a little editing myself, filters just seem really harsh. I look back at images I posted with filters and I just as myself why I ever did that.
  13. PS: if you click on the photo while you’re editing it, it’ll show you what it looked like BEFORE you started editing and when you release your finger, it’ll show you what it looks like so far in the process of editing

I hope this HOW TO helped you guys a little bit! I totally get why other bloggers bring their photos into 3 or 4 apps to edit, but I just cannot see myself doing that. There are enough tools on Instagram for me, and I hope this video showed you that it can work for you too!!



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